Monday, December 31, 2012

numbers and time

Where did 2012 go?

I look back on the last 12 months and honestly find it feels like it hasn't been that much.

2012 came. Relentless was my word for the year. continued longer than I expected, but not as long as I would have liked.

I continued with college classes. I shared my paper on human trafficking, hoping to spark some fire of indignation in the hearts of others.

I shared music and the happenings of life.

I bought a tablet and grew in my love of drawing, but still don't draw as much as I'd like.

I worked a number of jobs that blur together.

I earned money for District Fine Arts Festival and attended for the second time.

I bought my first nice camera.

April was 13 years since Columbine.

I read books. Not as many as I would like.

Many friends graduated.

My wisdom teeth were ripped out of my head...though "removed" is a less dramatic way to put it.

I photographed a wedding...the first time even taking pictures of people. Stress.

I attended my last camp and wrote some stuff.

My best friend got to visit my neck of the woods for the first time.

My computer died.

I turned 18.

I worked more jobs.

I gratefully received the blessing of a new computer. Which I am going to be paying off for the next year.

I reminisced on Autumn as my favorite season. And watched as Fall fell to winter.

I ranted about reading.

I took pictures.

I geeked out over many things.

I survived yet another apocalypse. ha

My best friend finished her novel. I created something of a cover.

I made a Christmas card of sorts for all of my internet people.

There was more.
Little things. Crazy things. Things I didn't share or write about or post about. Day to day things. Surprising things. Things all in the middle and on the edges.

Time continues on whether or not we want it to, even if it's existence is only of our making.

So here's to 2013. That weird new number that will be forgotten as I continue writing "2012" on everything.

I don't have a word for this year. Nothing fits yet.
I wasn't so good at relentless in 2012.

But here's to 2012 and all it was. Here's to it's end, and the inevitable beginning of another.


endings are just beginnings wrapped in strange packages

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas!

Just a little something I whipped up yesterday as a virtual Christmas card of sorts to all of you.
I'm not a terribly good artist but I think you'll get the gist of it

from me and my family, blessings this Christmas and in the New Year.

12 Days of Christmas Music // Day 12

Christmas Song // Flyleaf

Monday, December 17, 2012

an update on me

While I have been scheduling songs to be posted every day, I thought that maybe it was time for an update on me.

I finished my college classes for this quarter. Yay for finals...though I will definitely admit to having it much easier to those actually away at college, who are most definitely taking more classes than I am. 

My current favorite album, i.e the one I've been listening to the most, is Megalithic Symphony by AWOLNATION. Which I've had blasting out of my newly acquired headphones since I purchased the album ($5 from Amazon!) about a week and a half ago. 

I've been biding my time with the ever so terrible, old stock iPod headphones. 
You know the ones, lousy, uncomfortable, poor sound quality oh and yeah, painful. 
I realized I had SkullCandy credit from returning a product forever ago. So I used it to get some new over-ear headphones. 
I think I've lost some hearing, I've been using them so much.

College classes start back up in early January. I'm excited for my photoshop class. Not so excited about English 102, but who is? 

I got new glasses at the beginning of the month. 
Sight is good. 
It took me a while to get used to my new prescription, but it's vastly better than the one from my previous doctor. 
I actually have gained depth perception. 
Anyone that has spent any amount of time around me probably knows that I'm a klutz. In part there's some depth perception issues that cause some of it....only some of it. I really am very klutzy...

I increasingly have an addiction to nail polish. 
I really rather enjoy painting my nails...and getting nail polish at fantastical prices helps.
Which leads to the fact that I bought some new nail polish just in the last 24 hours. So I'm really excited about that. I like getting things in the mail.

I'm either getting sick or my allergies are crazy terrible...or I'm just not getting enough sleep.
Though I'm going to say all three. 

My penchant for ellipses has not died...

One of my very, very, best friends has finished her novel. The first book in what is going to be an epic trilogy. Click here for the facebook fan page.
In celebration I whipped up a cover:


It's only an early conceptual cover really. But it's a start. I enjoyed figuring out how to make it in Photoshop.

I've been reading it as of late. (SO GOOD)
Along with Anna Karenina, and Divergent which I just started last night.
I've become such a slow reader...

And that's just about it...that comes to mind, in this moment, in this post anyways.

don't miss today's Christmas music!

hope you're all well

12 Days of Christmas Music // Day 4

It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year // BarlowGirl

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Posting Everyday!

Going to be doing something special this year.

Every day, for 12 days leading up to Christmas I'm going to be posting a Christmas song from my personal 'Christmas' playlist!

Posts will publish every day, at midnight.

Don't miss the festivities!

12 Days of Christmas kicks off tomorrow!

Friday, December 07, 2012

have a laugh

It's Friday!!

Which for those of you who don't have a final anthropology paper due on Monday hopefully means a nice relaxing weekend.

Unless you're also in college classes and it's finals week.

I feel for you.

So, whatever this Friday means for you, take a minute and a half to have a laugh.

Thursday, December 06, 2012

intense geekery // into darkness

Please allow for the following moments of intense geekery as the teaser trailer for Star Trek: Into Darkness has launched.

And since I'm so great I'm going to share it with all of you.

Including the Japanese version, which, for those of you who care, has approximately 5 more seconds of footage.

Here we go.

reading: anna karenina by leo tolstoy --- listening: home for Christmas by barlowgirl

Saturday, December 01, 2012

have a listen // fire fire

almost thought we made it home
but we don't know this place at all
that's enough now dry your tears
it's been a long eleven years

fire from the tongues of liars

you're ashamed of where you're from
crying 'cause your father's drunk
"we can't die because we're young"
at least that's what we heard in a song

fire from the tongues of liars
fire from the tongues of liars

you're ashamed of what you've done
crying 'cause your father's wrong
trying to be something new
you feel that you had something to prove

what you confuse for glory's fire
is fire from the tongues of liars
what you confuse for glory's fire
is fire from the tongues of liars
oh send your rain

fire from the tongues of liars
(oh send your rain)
fire from the tongues of liars
(oh send your rain)

fire from the tongues of liars
(oh send your rain)
fire from the tongues of liars

you're afraid of who you are
(you're ashamed of where you're from)
crying 'cause your father's gone
(fire from the tongues of liars)
dreaming 'til you hit the truth
(we can't die because we're young)
you'll find that you've nothing to lose
(fire from the tongues of liars)
you'll find that you've nothing to prove

music and lyrics copyright Flyleaf

Thursday, November 29, 2012

all the new bits


Yes, again. But since the last big update was at the beginning of this year, with a slight header refresh for the summer I thought it was time.
I had really wanted to have a special one for fall, but alas, it wasn't meant to be.

p.s. You may notice that I have links to both my Flickr and YouTube accounts above the header. My flickr currently only features a handful of instagram pictures and I don't have but one public video on my YouTube. However I'm hoping both will have more to offer in the coming months.

boots are fantastical

frye women's engineer 8r boots pictured with an assortment of random socks

I like boots. I'm a boots type of girl. Don't get me wrong, I absolutely adore my TOMS, especially in the summer. And my Converse are all around great. However, I'm not one to pass up a good pair of boots.
But I am pretty crazy picky.
Some girls have a checklist for what they require in a guy. Me? I have a checklist for boots. It includes things like no zippers and real leather. That they need to actually be able to fit me i.e. wide enough for my feet, preferably with a large enough shaft circumference/short enough to allow for thick socks and/or leg warmers. Decent soles. Realistically and diversely wearable. Also good craftsmanship. That type of thing. Also, made in the USA is always a plus.
Honestly? I didn't think they existed. That is, until I discovered the oldest manufacturer of shoes in the United States. Frye has been around since 1863, family owned until the late 1940's and is still around and making quality footwear today. And they make a boot that I think is the closest thing to boot perfection. As in they boot pretty much fulfills all of my criteria. I mean look at them ------->

<-----THIS makes me happy in inexplicably geeky ways

I have something of an avid love for soundtracks and probably at the top of my favorite soundtracks is the Lord of the Rings.
For the longest time I was wondering why the version of the soundtrack for Fellowship (and Two Towers) that I had was rather (though in the case of Fellowship: completely) different from that which I knew in the films.
The other night I discovered that the reason is because in the extended editions (which is what we have on DVD) they completely re-recorded and expanded the score to completely polish the "deleted" scenes so it was like they were never deleted. (*squee of intense geekery*)
Which lead me to the discover that I have the complete score for Return of the King but I most definitely need the complete recordings for Two Towers and Fellowship of the Ring!

The Hobbit


Also, did you guys know that there's extra bits on YouTube via Peter Jacksons channel?
I found out the other day and ended up watching several of them.
Because I love extras.

new photography

Up on my deviantART is some new photography. So check out my profile and browse the gallery!
There's a picture I just took a couple days ago as well as some from August and September, with more to come!

new glasses

I finally got new glasses with my updated prescription.
As a by-product, I can actually see in the dark again and it doesn't look like the ground is on the same level as my chest. Lack of depth perception is not fun my friends. It's side effects include walking into all manner of objects and people as well as a heightening one's power of klutziness.


I'm rather happy that here in less than two weeks the current college quarter is going to be over, followed by a nice and long winter break.
And then, winter quarter classes start at the beginning of January.

{available for prints here}

For me this means that I'm getting to take a course I have much anticipated, on Photoshop usage in web design!

New Horizons

Flyleaf's final album, New Horizons is utterly fantastic.
From beginning to end it's packed with songs that I have already committed to my lyrical memory library. I am still saddened by the fact that it is going to be the last album featuring Lacey, but the album is nonetheless fantastic.
Long time fans of Flyleaf will love it, but I think as one of them I also see that it's very different from past albums. Maybe it's just because of the bittersweet knowledge that Flyleaf will never be the same, but after the harder more edgy rock of their debut album and Memento Mori, and the softer tones of Remember to Live, New Horizons seems to be an amalgamation of these two points in Flyleaf's growth as well as something completely different.

For me the album still holds as much meaning as any of the previous, but at the same time it seems like there isn't as much of the Flyleaf feeling that I know so well in the writings of the songs. I think that maybe it has something to do with the fact that Lacey wasn't as involved in the making of the album, only traveling to the studio to record vocals.

While the album for those of us who know this music so well is different and maybe even lacking it is nonetheless fantastic in the sound and meaning despite the bittersweet tinge. From the rocking opening and attention call of Fire Fire, to the heart wrenching way I desire to belt out the Saving Grace and the highly anticipated new rendition of Broken Wings this album is truly sending the Lacey era of Flyleaf out with a bang.

Pitch Perfect

My friend Amanda, my mom, and I went to the movies a couple weeks ago to see Pitch Perfect. We laughed a lot. Though Supernatural fans who kind of almost cry whenever they hear Carry On My Wayward Son, be warned, it comes up in the first few minutes of the movie. It caught me off guard...I was awkwardly laugh crying. hahaha (Sarah, I blame you.)

The Big Bang Theory

My grandma convinced us to watch Big Bang Theory, after years of various people telling me I should watch it...and lots of my confusion at being compared to Sheldon (it happens more than you would think...and I'm still not sure whether or not to be flattered or insulted haha).

My whole entire family loves it and we eagerly await every time the next DVD in a season comes...and when it does we usually end up sitting and watching the whole thing so we can send it back the next day to get another faster!
All of us enjoying it though is quite a feat, there's very few shows we can all watch and laugh at together.

So, as the holidays are nearing and as this is one of my favorite scenes thus far in the series, here's a's not the best definition but it's pretty great.

and that is where I shall take my leave

I do believe I have thrown enough media, words and rambling at you all for now.
Until my next post, hope you're all doing well! blessings and prayers

reading: anna karenina by leo tolstoy --- watching: lord of the rings trilogy extended editions

Friday, November 16, 2012

photography print available

Hey everyone! Hope you're all doing well!

Just wanted to let everyone know that a photography print of mine is up for sale in my Etsy shoppe, with hopefully more to follow.
If you like it please make sure to purchase one (for every single member of your family!) as I would appreciate it greatly and it goes to support me in my education. Because that stuff is expensive.

Monday, November 12, 2012

the last bits of summer

I do believe autumn has fallen to winter.
At least, judging by the several inches of snow I woke to this morning.

So here's the last pictures I took of this summer's flowers.

reading: anna karenina by leo tolstoy --- listening: new horizons (album) by flyleaf --- watching: the big bang theory

Saturday, November 10, 2012

have a laugh

In which I share some of my YouTube favorites.

**disclaimer: some videos may contain some cussing and/or content some may deem inappropriate. those wary of such have been hereby warned.**

First off, this is exactly how I pack a suitcase, as many, many, (many...) people can attest.

This pretty much sums up the election for me...

Welcome to an apt representation of my insomnia...

This is actually a video I took. It's from camp and it's hilarious.
Watch the whole thing, you'll thank me.

The accuracy of this is startling.
Especially considering I watched it just a few days after pretty much this exact thing happening.

This is just hilarious. If you're looking for some good content, follow BlimeyCow on YouTube.

And finally...a video which I have watched more times than I can count.

Sunday, November 04, 2012

read a book you've read before

Just yesterday I found myself with the inclination to read a book that I've read twice before, a book that I own.
I didn't really know just how much I wanted to read, to become enveloped in a story, in a quest, in a journey, until I realized that it was almost 2am and I was practically halfway through the book.

It made me remember the time when I read the book, who I suggested the book to, and how much I truly enjoyed the book; because I had forgotten.

So, as the autumn days turn colder, the nights longer and everything begins to freeze; curl up with a book you've read before, a book you haven't considered reading, a book you've overlooked for a while. And pick it up, and read it again until you can remember why it was you decided to bring that book home with you and adopt it into your heart.

read a book you've read before
with pages old and overlooked
read a book you've read before
remember why you hold it close

Because maybe, just maybe, you need it more than you know.

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

why I'm frustrated with young adult literature

As someone who was once an avid reader, I no longer feel compelled to call myself thus.

And it really makes me sad.

You see, there was once a time when the best punishment my mother could, well, punish me with was to take away my reading books.

Nowadays it's rare that I'm actually reading a book.

No, I haven't given up reading all together. There will forever be books that I hold dear.

But with the state of "literature" in this day and age is kind of depressing.

A good example is a series that I just finished. The Tigers Curse series by Colleen Houck.
While I would have to say that the series is a favorite it still falls prey to being much like the majority of other young adult books.

Originally I started the series with the first book of the same title, Tigers Curse. It intrigued me for a few reasons. At the time, it was extremely hard to find a newer book that didn't involve vampires and werewolves. While such is still true the plot took a more original twist.

It's about two Indian princes who are cursed to live immortally as tigers.
And of course the seemingly normal girl who, while working her new summer job, finds herself caught up in the adventure of a lifetime to break the curse binding them in tiger-form.
I mean, she's from Oregon, I'm from Oregon.
I could connect right off with that.

Sounds kind of awesome, right?

Well the first book really was. I enjoyed it immensely.

Basically Kelsey (the main character) gets a summer job working for the circus that is in town for those few, warmer months. It's manual labor, cleaning things, selling tickets, helping feed animals; all that fun stuff.
But along the way she befriends the circus' white tiger. And during her breaks spends her time reading out loud in the solace of the tent that holds the cage of the white tiger.
This white tiger, of course, is one of the aforementioned Indian princes.

While I would warn of spoilers, trust me, all this becomes rather apparent a short ways into the book...most of it can be found in the description on the book anyway.

Kelsey of course is more special than she knows because there is something about her that sets in motion the breaking of the curse. And the tiger she knows as Ren is able - for the first time in hundreds of years - to change back into a man.

But only for an hour.

And so the story begins.
As you would imagine, he is incredibly handsome and thank goodness, Kelsey doesn't really trust that and there's a lot of pretty good arguments and banter along the way.
But we all know where it's headed. Destiny and them being meant to be together...all that jazz.

So it was pretty cool.

But then...along the way (at this point it may be book two, though I could very well be mistaken) they have to find Ren's brother; Kishan to help in the quest to break the curse.

Kishan of course is something of Ren's opposite, literally a black tiger to his elder brothers white, however also incredibly handsome.

Then it kind of get's cliche in this awkward, heart wrenching, love triangle kind of way.

Over the course of the next three books (there are four total in the series) there's all this "which brother do I choose" and "who am I meant to be with" and "there's these two gorgeous, perfect guys who both love me" stuff going on.

And it's kind of sickening.
And it kind of made me hate Kelsey a lot.
A lot.

I really liked her in the first book. kind of went downhill.

The basis of the stories is really cool. The writing isn't half bad. Sure there's some false Hindi gods and legends stuff going on but it's a really interesting plot line in the light of current franchises *cough*Twilight*cough*.

But I just was having serious difficulty stomaching this girl who has two guys completely in love with her and all this "coincidence" and asdfghjkl.sdfghjkl;

Yes, I just died on my keyboard. Because it frustrates me. Love triangles, while a common occurrence and a valid part of writing, are so used and abused that I just want a good quest story that maybe doesn't involve so much romantical blah.

I know I sound like some spinster or something, and I know that it's just fiction, I just hate when characters (especially main-girl-potentially-awesome-powerful-heroine characters) are just crazy stupid.
I know the insecurities and guy issues are a real thing, but the portrayal of how all this stuff works in next to every book I lay my hands is starting to frustrate me to the point of...well, to the point of writing this post.

I feel like I should have a disclaimer at this point. I did finish the series. I cried several times during the course of all the books. Especially at the ending of the final one. I'll probably end up reading them again at some point. In fact there's a good chance that I'd recommend it as a whole.

It's just that this series frustrated me and it's on the better end of the spectrum of young adult literature.

Why aren't there any awesome books (that I haven't already read) that...well...don't involve a girl who has completely invested her life into the lives (if they can be called lives) of guys that may-or-may-not be hundreds of years old and/or even worth it.

It seems to be a theme these days.

Guys get movies and stories about epic adventures where it's just a buddy thang.
Why don't girls get those?

While this post probably doesn't make much sense, hopefully to someone, it will.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

goodbye October

oh October, where have you gone?

My favorite month is almost gone in a flash of brilliant orange and the freeze of the mountains above.

Fall is my favorite season you see.

And October is the epitome of autumn.

Seated between the end-of-summer September and the holiday-beginnings of November, October is the very-fall-fall-ness of autumn.

Like I said more eloquently, it's the epitome of fall.

It's writing and magic and changing.

The 2013 Fine Art's theme is "Finished".

Fall is a time of finishing. It's an ending.
But endings are just beginnings wrapped in strange packages.

Fall is like a phoenix, going out in a blaze of brilliant orange and leaves the shades of fire. And from this "death" comes the rebirth of spring after the time of freeze.

Autumn is the time of birth, for me, beyond my philosophical ramblings.
October first marks my birth.

I love temperate, chilly weather.
I'm not a tropical, hot weather type of person.
Sure, I like summer, but it's far from my favorite.

I'm sad to see the passing of October. It's ending coming on Wednesday.
But such ending breaks way for the beginning of winter.
Snow boots and frozen earth. Snow and frosty trees.

So here's to October, raise a glass of tea with me.
I'm going to drink it, wearing my Avengers t-shirt and my Elmo pajama pants; in celebration and toast to the wonderfulness of this ever passing October.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

fall is my favorite

Fall is my favorite season.
There's so many different reasons why I enjoy autumn so very much.
But since I recently wrote a little poem-y bit on the matter, I'll let it do the explaining.

Fall is already here.
I've been trying to ignore its familiar scent carried on a cool breeze for weeks.
The warm cool scent of autumn is one I relish.
Bearing promises of beauty and temperate weather. Of the last green grass outlined with bright leaves, contrasted by the grey blue sky.
It's like a good cup of tea and a sweater that could tell tales all it's own.
It's like apple cider, fresh and invigorating.
Fall is the seasonal equivalent of night.
When inspiration comes and pours out words.
When everything is possible, adventure is imaginable, when dreams become real.
When magic floats on the wind a new music pushes through my veins.
It's when the creative, the old-souls, come alive.
When myth and legend rise from the ground.
When death and life collide.
When words spring from pens and leap off pages.
When sleeping is waking and the night starts early and the days are breaking.
Autumn is the white mountains and orange leaf strewn streets.
It's a between worlds.
Not sleeping, nor waking.
Not summer nor winter, nor the same rebirth as spring.
Fall is a phoenix. Going out with a blaze of orange and from itself comes new life.
Fall is the epitome of endings: just beginnings wrapped in strange packages.
Fall is a perfect, crisp, amalgamation of life.

all images are mine courtesy of my instagram @thesiriana

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

all things must come to an end...

If you've been reading my blog for a while, you may know that my favorite band is Flyleaf.

It's music that has carried me through the years since I discovered the band for myself  in 2008-2009.

In fact, a prominent part of my bucket list (yep, I have a bucket list) is to not only see my favorite band in concert, but to do so with my best friend and fellow Flyleaf fan, Lauren.

Sadly,  it shall never come to pass as Flyleaf will never be the same.

While I understand Lacey's reasoning, and send best wishes to her as well as the continuation of the band, it won't be the same Flyleaf. My Flyleaf.

And that poor girl who's taking over as lead singer...I'm afraid there's many a fan who've already decided not to like her.
As much as I know all things come to an end, and that endings are just beginnings wrapped in strange packages, I know I am terribly and unfairly bias against Kristen May.

I cried when I read it.
And decided I'd blog about it, because of reasons.


Lacey's final album with Flyleaf releases October 30th...if you want you can join me in pre-ordering it on iTunes.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

in which I have a new computer // the post of ten days

Day Zero

As I'm typing this, it is actually Friday October 12th 2012 and while I'm not going to be posting this for a while, I wanted to start now.

Because keeping this under my hat (to coin the phrase) is rather part of the excitement.

And I know it's going to kill me, but just waiting is already killing me.

I guess I should probably explain, huh?

As many of you may know, I've been working hard, and saving for a new computer. Because it's been computer woes, and even more computer woes with my poor little laptop.

Which means its been hard to even get a minimum of school done, let alone have the computer power for work as well...making earning money for a new computer all the more difficult.

For my birthday, just a couple weeks ago, I asked that anyone interested in sending me a gift, instead contribute to my computer fund.

Okay, cutting to the chase now......
I was able to order my computer this morning!!!!!!!

It all happened in a crazy turn of events of which I'm not entirely sure how it came about.

Basically I was very generously offered the opportunity to buy my computer now, and pay it off as I have the money. (I will have it mostly paid off by the end of the year.)

And since I will have it, that means I'll be able to do more computer reliant work and make more money that way!

Now, I just want to end this little-beginning with an expression of deep gratitude, and thankfulness, as well as surprise, and excitement.

God works in mysterious ways my friends.

Hopefully you'll be hearing from me more often, as with the arrival of a new computer (that I don't have to battle) is imminent.
Probably a new blog design in the future as well...going to have to get to know some special new programs! ;D

Day Four

So, it is now Tuesday, October 16th.

I think I've already drove my family crazy talking about my new computer.

Have I told you all that I've named it?

Yes...intensely weird and geeky of me...just wait.
Though, in my defense, I've had the name picked out for little more than a month.

On Sunday I asked someone if they'd like to see a picture of my youngest child...then showed them a picture of my computer.

Playing along good natured-ly, she asks "What's her name?"...I don't think she was actually expecting me to have an answer.

Any day now my extra RAM should arrive. My iMac is still due on Friday, and my Adobe Software should be in the mailbox on Saturday.

Day Six

Thursday October 18th.

I think I check the order status for my computer several BILLION times a day.
Okay...maybe not billion in all caps...but it's so much I can't actually be bothered with keeping count.

It's a lot.

Last night I checked the status of my order and became crazy excited because my computer's status had chanced to "shipping to store". (It was "processing order" for the first few days, followed by "preparing for shipment" late, late Tuesday.)

In the moment it was really exciting.

And I was thinking "YESSSS I'M GOING TO HAVE MY COMPUTER ON FRIDAY". Because that's when the "available at store" date said I would be able to pick it up.

Well, *sad face* I looked down and realized that the available-for-pickup date had also the 22nd.
Meaning Monday.

At first that really bummed me out. A lot. Because I want it now.
However, the patient, logical side of me was rather pleased.

Because on the scale of torture, it's better to wait two extra days to have it, than to get it and have to work for two days while it sits at home. That's way worse.

Now, at least this way it's a slightly nicer agony...and I'll have a few days to play with it *cough* I mean get it all set up and whatnot before I have to clean toilets (during the weekend) again.

And this way, I should have my extra RAM and my Adobe Software already at home, ready to go when I get my computer.

Is this what optimism feels like?

*squeals with excitement*

Day Waiting Over

Tuesday October 23rd, 2012

Yesterday was the super important day in which I picked up my iMac.

Everyone, I would like you to meet Excalibur!

Because, yes, I had to name my computer in an incredibly geeky manner.

I've been working on getting things installed and working; as well as just generally getting the hang of things as this is completely new to me!
You heard that right, this is my first fact, I'd never even used a Mac before I got Excalibur up and running last night.

Which makes this quite a leap from PC to Mac.
But I do believe I rather like it.

Also, just a general impression, it's all screen and the screen is HUGE.
Not in a bad way, mind you. I just don't have a very good concept of 27" (or any other measurement...) so yeah, it's more than two feet of screen. Which is pretty massive in the way of screens.
And also amazing.

Which makes editing your first photo with Lightroom insanely gorgeous.

Makes me happy I invested in a camera this spring.

Good things to come my friends. Fantastic, creative things.

And with another mention of my intense gratefulness, I bid you all well, and a goodnight.

Tuesday, October 02, 2012

18 for 18

So, everyone, in case you didn't know...yesterday was my birthday!

Yeah, 18, wow, craziness.
Not as amazing as some people seem to think. Nothing in my opinion to particularly look forward to...
Anyways...for the last few years I've done a facts thing on my birthday, compiling as many facts as there are years for my life. we go.



I am kind of completely obsessed with tumblr. this time last year, I was addicted to pinterest.


I don't have a favorite tv show, movie, book, song, artist or album.

there's just too many I really like there's absolutely no way to pick


I still really want to go to Scotland.

I don't feel that needs much explanation.


I rather adore nail polish.

this time last year I was head over heels for blue nail polish...ironically, that hasn't gone away. while I wouldn't say "head over heels" for only blue nail polish, I do just love nail polish. though my current favorite color is blue...TARDIS blue to be exact (aka Mesmerize by ESSIE).


I have a camera

this time last year I was longing for a Nikon camera...a good camera. this spring I finally had the funds to invest in one. and...I got even better than what I wished for in October of last year.


TWLOHA is still the best organization ever

'nough said


driving still freaks me out

in fact I still don't have my license...


the last book I read the whole of was The House at Sea's End by Elly Griffiths

and that was a couple weeks ago. I have the next one...but because of my reading-heavy anthropology college class I haven't had time to crack the next one yet.


I'm even geekier/nerdier/dorkier than I was last year.

it's grown so much I'm almost worried about frightening you lot away with all of it...that's why I love my tumblr.


I long for a new computer.

I have the camera I've always dreamed of, and while short the lens I'm really needing for it, my little laptop of four years is dying. I need a new computer that isn't only going to fulfill my needs for processing photos and doing school but also be equal to the task of running intensive programs for web design as well.


I would like to lose weight.

my brain and the rest of me disagree on when to exercise that makes it difficult *cough*


I need a new computer.

so badly that I had to post it twice...


I bought my first lottery ticket yesterday.

I realized at about 5 in the evening that I was old enough to win the lottery...fingers crossed, eh?


Doctor Who is fantastic! explanation needed


I've considered sending my camera back.

yes. as slightly ashamed as I am to admit it, it's been considered. and seriously considered. and reconsidered. I need a new computer that bad people...


I've had a fall blog design in the works since this spring.

my computer has been so crashy though I can barely run the program to finish some graphics for it which is why it has not come to be was originally supposed to be the spring design.


I don't do anything to celebrate my birthday.



I don't want to grow up...

Thursday, September 27, 2012

the birthday wishlist

Dear friends and family,

This coming Monday, October 1st, marks the date as 18 years since my birth in the fall of 1994.

Many people find this to be an important birthday (turning 18) and I have been asked more often than not, what I’m doing to celebrate.

Not really anything has become my standing answer.

Just to get things straight, I’m not expecting gifts from anyone, nor am I asking for them.

But if any of you feel compelled to send a gift my way I would like you to know something.

As I have gotten older, I’ve learned the respect of earning my own money and working for things I want. I’ve come to understand and commit to the importance of investing in things that will be tools not only to my education, but also to my work.

A few years ago I took a course on the basics of web design; the end result was a not only a new outlet for design and creativity but also a newfound appreciation for the work that goes into building a website. I learned a lot and found myself surprised at how much I enjoyed it.

For years I’ve enjoyed photography and just this spring saved my money and invested in a good photography camera.

At this point in time I have had the same basic laptop for four years. It has served its purpose well and gotten me through many a college essay and project. But, my little laptop is reaching the end of its life. Sadly it’s becoming more of a problem than a help, and is barely up to the task of running one program at a time. This, in the realm of wanting to grow as a designer and photographer, makes doing so rather difficult.

It also makes all of my (online) college classes rather difficult when I don’t have a working computer.

Unfortunately, a computer that meets my needs for doing web and graphic design as well as photography professionally is rather pricey. Because of the few small job opportunities I have where I live, I’m working as much as I possibly can on top of school and family activities.

Therefore, if anyone is interested in knowing what I would like for a birthday gift, I would be ever so extremely thankful for contributions to the fund for my new computer.

Thanks so much for your time, support, and reading this little letter of mine.
Hope you’re all doing well, and thank you for the birthday wishes.


Friday, August 24, 2012

life starts now

This summer is blending into a blur of something and nothing to do, punctuated by ideas and inaction. With music, tears, epic times and stories to be told at the seams.

I've changed this summer. For the better.
My last year at camp, many of my friends having graduated and there is a future growing more prevalent to worry about.
Things have changed.

I haven't been on blogger as much as usual, as much as I used to.
Ever since summer started I don't think I've checked my feed much. In fact, I'm irredeemably behind.

I'm excited and afraid of a new school year, of college classes.
Afraid of my own failure and math.
Excited to learn.
Afraid of how much everything costs.
Excited to almost be done.
Afraid of my computer's continued downward spiral.
Excited to grow.

So I leave you, not with apologies and excuses for not keeping up or writing - because I don't think anyone much of notices anyway - but with a song.

you say you feel so down
every time I turn around
you say you should've been gone by now
you think that everything's wrong
ask me how to carry on
we'll make it through
another day
just hold on

'cause life starts now
you've done all the things
that could kill you somehow
and you'r'e so far down
but you will survive it somehow
because life starts now

I hate to see you fall down
I'll pick you up off the ground
I've watched the weight of your world come down
and now it's your chance to move on
change the way you've lived for so long
find the strength you've had inside all along

'cause life starts now
you've done all the things
that could kill you somehow
and you'r'e so far down
but you will survive it somehow
because life starts now

all this pain
take this life and make it yours
all this hate
take your heart and let it love again
you will survive this somehow

life starts now

you've done all the things
that could kill you somehow
and you're so far down

life starts now

you've done all the things
that could kill you somehow
and you're so far down

life starts now

music and lyrics copyright Three Days Grace

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

greater things // post camp writing

amazing love

amazing grace

more than just these words

more than just

a song we sing

it's written on the stars above

it's written on the earth below

on the cross of Him who bore our sins

in the blood that turns us white as snow 

it's burned into 

(the) hearts accepted

the beating of our lives

it's found inside the souls of changing

where true destiny lies

it's shown in a life surrendered 

in the eyes of fighting free

amazing love

amazing grace

in the destiny


Saturday, July 28, 2012

Jesus Party of Awesome // video

Since I am terribly terrible when it comes to recapping the fantasticness that is camp, I shall leave you with the official camp video. Jesus party of awesome.

to see last year's video, click here

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

computer woes

After getting my wisdom teeth out I was planning and setting up a job that will have me working a weekend in July, a weekend in September, and every weekend in October.

All through August I have another job that I'm working, in a lab.

And so I started seriously talking about replacing my computer.
Sure, it's something that I've talked about in passing, just in consideration; never serious.

But I looked at how much I'd be making and started seriously talking, and seriously looking.

As irony would have it I was talking and browsing and my computer told me "hey, you need to update some stuff."

I figured, yeah, yeah that's important. Let's do that.
A service will be held tomorrow for the passing of my computer which I believe to be no more. Judging by its failure to install updates followed by the blue screen of death and upon it's every attempt to reboot, three more blue screens of death; I would say my laptop has officially reached the end of it's life. This is bad. Very, very, insurmountably bad.

-July 10th via facebook

Little did I know what repercussions a standard update would have.

For those of you who won't know, I've had my computer since the fall of 2008. So it's been almost four years.
Seven months after I bought my computer - right after the battery warranty expired - my battery became obsolete. Except for possibly keeping the connections free from obstructions my battery has been dead weight for the last three years.
That was only the beginnings of my problems.

Don't get me wrong, I love my computer. I bought it, I use it for work and school and I thank God for the provision of it.

It's served me well.

But on with my story.

I updated, normal, useful updates that are usually helpful.
But about halfway through the process of downloading, running and installing updates my computer suddenly lost internet.

Thinking this strange I worried that the router for our wifi had been turned off.
Um, no.
That was working fine.

Something went wrong, the internet was seemingly gone...and then came the blue screen of death.

The bearer of bad news when it shows up on a computer.

And it kept going. Blue screen of death, restart, blue screen of death.

Here's basically what happened via my Facebook updates...
This is what happens when I start seriously discussing getting a new computer. Mine decides to die and fail completely...when I'm still two years of funds out from even getting a new one. -July 11th mom and her magical computer knowledge (thank you mom!) managed to get my computer to actually turn on last night and run a scan. everything came up fine. then we turned off the computer and went to bed. turned it on this morning and everything looked fine but as soon as I turned on my wifi *BAM* blue screen of death. So I've hard wired into the wifi router and was able to finish the updates that were interrupted last night because my computer suddenly crashed. Unfortunately, completing the updates didn't solve my problem. -July 11th

I had been planning on buying a lens I need for my camera but with all the computer problems, and crashing, and failing I've been looks like I don't have much choice than to work really hard and spend a lot of money on a new computer. I still won't have it in time for school but...can't really be avoided I'm afraid. -July 14th

And that's the end of my story. The story of the end of the life of my computer.
It's still running or...somewhat...
I'm still never really sure if and when my computer is just going to die. I've been expecting something like this for about a year and a half's coming slower than I thought but it's happening...

I won't have the money for a new computer by the time I need it, the computer that is, but hopefully I'll pick up even more along the way.

Friday, July 20, 2012

I can't believe it's been almost a month.

Almost a month since my last post on July 29th.

About having my wisdom teeth out.

Lots of fun that was.

Now I have just as of a few hours ago returned from the annual Jesus Party of
Awesome. Also known as camp.

Camp was amazing and awesome and I'm so sad it's the last year for me.

And I'm conflicted because I'm missing that I won't have camp like that again but at the same time I'm happy to be home and of course still wishing I was still there.

God does amazing things and I'm not even sure where to begin.

But as of this moment in time...I don't really have the time to start. It's the land of unpacking, and catching up on sleep for me.

Fingers crossed there will be a recap someday, eh?
At the very least I can guarantee I'll be posting the official camp video when it shows up on YouTube.

But for now, things to do and my best friend is up staying for the next week. So much to do, so little time.

Hope this finds you all well.


Friday, June 29, 2012

meh-dication and wisdom teeth

In the hopes of avoiding further pain and price later in my life, the morning of Wednesday June 27th I was placed under anesthesia and had my wisdom teeth extracted.

Apparently, the actual surgery only took about 15 minutes. Which is funny (in a not-so-funny-more-like-frustrating-to-me kind of way)because I was in the surgery room and had the IV in for almost an hour.

By the way, IV's hurt. Well, when your vein decides to spasm up and down all over the place, they hurt.

The point at which the doctor came into the room and administered anesthesia all the way up until I got home is something of a blur...I remember most of it but it's becoming increasingly hazy.

Now of course, it's been something a little over 48 hours.

The night before the extraction we spend the night with some friends (to avoid having to drive two hours, super early in the morning, to make it to surgery).

I bought a “large kid” pizza from Papa Murphy’s.
Meaning a large half cheese half pepperoni.


Me, the large kid.

Then the next morning I show up like a 7 year old boy or something to surgery with my blanket, in my pajamas, complete with Captain America shirt.

I have no regrets.

Except the pain. But I can't really help that.

I seem to have a high tolerance when it comes to pain medication. Meaning it doesn't particularly work as well as it should for me.

Yeah, super fun.

On the brighter side of things though, I only had to have three removed...instead of like some of my cousins who had to deal with 7. Yeah, 7 wisdom teeth. Crazy genetics we've got.

Anyways, I think I'll stop there...before I write something crazy or stupid that will sound fine in my medicated head but surely later be found as idiocy.

reading: abraham lincoln vampire hunter by seth grahame-smith --- watching: doctor who // avatar: the last airbender

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

life lately

chocolate and oatmeal cookies.

wet fur and big eyes.

written words and lost imagination.

the Doctor, and waiting for Rose to come back.

music too loud, colors too bright.

geekery and laughter.

pen and paper, colors and ink.

pictures and drawings.

tumblr and lots of gif's.

school end, summer start.

rain and hail and wind.

hot tea and buttered toast.

family and smiles.

endings and beginnings.

And that, in abstract, is life lately.

Monday, June 11, 2012

to the graduates

Wow. You've done it. Somehow you have successfully navigated the stormy sea that is not only school, and highschool, but a good portion of life.

Forgive my pun-ness, con"grad"ulations.

Now, has cliche and potentially unwelcome as it may be to attempt to impart these bits of wisdom I have picked up along the way; I have found that the human race is a fickle and forgetful people and as such we need to not only be reminded of things but to have them continually pounded into our heads.
Preferably by someone who cares.
So onward I write.

Firstly, one of the great lessons of life (and high school) is thus, "we can't control the things that happen to us, but we can control how we respond to them".
Perspective is everything. We can choose to take what life throws at us and allow ourselves to be made bitter and give up or we can have it be a step to take us higher. To build ourselves up and make us better. Everything is a choice.

Secondly, people are people and you can never make everyone happy.
There's always going to be someone that complains about, belittles and mocks you. It's not just high school, it's life. Unfortunately, there's people like that everywhere, everyday.
It's where that perspective thing I just mentioned comes into play. We can let them tear us down, or we can just let it be motivation to be strong and move on.

Thirdly, "Remember what you've learned in the light, and never doubt it, even if you spend years in the dark."
There are up's and down's. Welcome to life. And while it's one of the hardest things to do, remember the good, the positive and hold onto it; especially when things are bad. Don't let the time of darkness make you lose sight and forget all the good that has happened and is just around the corner.
Don't give up, this isn't the end.

Fourthly, this isn't the end.
As the ever cliche, but still usefully truthful saying goes, "When God closes a door, He opens a window."
And In one of my few and far between moments of philosophical wisdom I have can be quoted as saying: "endings are just beginnings wrapped in strange packages".
And strangely, that has some deep meaning and I think that maybe, just maybe, I was onto something.
It's so easy, especially when we're young, to let little things stand in our way, let little things be "the end of the world". Well, endings aren't all bad and chapters have to end for new one's to begin.
Endings are just beginnings wrapped in strange packages.

Fifthly, "when life gives you lemons..."
Okay, we all know where this could go.
Bear with me because as a I person I would image to be sarcastic and slightly pessimistic penned somewhere: "When life gives you lemons...throw them at people".
So whether you decide to throw the lemons at people or make lemonade; take a step back, remember perspective and just use those dang lemons. Heck, lemons make everyday water different.
Just use the lemons.

And lastly, as my penchant for Latin dictates, I feel I should impart these words in closing.

carpe diem // patientia // memento mori // memento vivre.

seize the day (with) patience (and) endurance (despite) suffering. remember mortality (and) remember to live.

All that I've said, choose to take it or leave it, choose to listen to me or not. 
Everything's a choice.
Just use the lemons, eh?

Friday, June 08, 2012

nope, still alive...

It's been a long time since I last posted and it's time to stop procrastinating. 
You see, my last post (working + saving for this = no posting) was essentially a teaser to the fact that I was saving to get a camera.

Well, one month and three days later I'm happy to say that not only did I finish the job (painting) shortly after that post (within days in fact) but I ordered my camera things that are ordered came. 

When I planned this post (about the time I last posted in fact...) I meant for this whole thing to be a video...but after not having the time and realizing I didn't really like how I looked in the video...videos...that just hasn't happened. 

Though I plan on it happening some time in the future. 

Other than that it's just been school and lots of friends graduating this year. Oh, and  not quite as much picture taking as I'd like. Lots of rain right now...not that I'm complaining, it's my kind of weather.

Con"grad"ulations to all my friends who have graduated this year, Amanda and Lauren in particular! 

hope you're all well, summer is coming! 

reading: the night circus by erin morganstern --- listening: price tag by jessie j

p.s. to keep up with more random escapades and bits follow my tumblr, things are never dull...

Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Prophecy of the Sisters by Michelle Zink

Prophecy of the Sisters is a riveting story of a life-changing prophecy, placing the sisters on different sides.
Twists, turns, and almost on the edge of my seat awesomeness, I definitely suggest this book.
Author, Michelle Zink, takes myth and legend (though more out of the way legend...not typical, read it again and again re-done mythology) and though it weaves a story, breathing into it new life.
Since this was an awesome book, I give it a 4 out of 5...due to a slight amount of content...seriously, only slight nothing really bad or anything...well...unless your one of those hard-core magic hater peoples, than this isn’t your kinda of book. You can safely skip it.
But, for those people who get that it's just fiction, read on.

Finishing Prophecy of the Sisters, was resigning myself to good-book-withdrawals.

My rating: 4 out of 5

(this review was originally written in May of 2010 and published on my now-no-more book review blog)

Just wanted to let you all know I'm not dead, just busy! BIG updates coming soon!

Sunday, April 22, 2012

six word stories

The lovely Fernweh Magazine blog has posted a fantastic post of six word stories that I found both entertaining, ingenious and inspirational. (Now try saying that five times fast!)

The idea of a six word story has been introduced to me before but never has it had such an impact on my way of thinking. For they are simultaneously simple and deeply meaningful. Scant few words with underlying emotion.

So, upon review of my current notebook/journal I realized that I often write "six word stories". While not exactly six words in all cases since I started this notebook little over a month ago I have been using simple, rambling words, phrases, lyrics just rambling about. And I do in fact, have a few six word stories of my here is my version of a six word story:

what's your six word story?

Friday, April 20, 2012

Columbine: 13 years

One of my favorite quotes is by Rachel Joy Scott. In fact, I love it so much and feel it defines part of me so well that I made a huge sectional banner that extends across a wall in my room.
I write
NOT for the sake of glory
NOT for the sake of fame
NOT for the sake of success
but for the sake of my soul

That was written by Rachel Joy Scott, the first victim of the Columbine school shootings.

When I was at camp a last year, after morning service, during small group time. It was asked of us "who inspires you?". My answer? Rachel Joy Scott.

But I never really got to explain why.

Though I'm not sure what it is I would've said anyway.
I am NOT a beer chuggin', pot trippin', drug dealin' Christian
I AM a God lovin', satan slammin', Jesus freakin', world changin', Christian.
--Rachel Joy Scott

You see, her story, her journals, her writing and life have inspired me in so many ways.
Helped me to grow in my walk in Christ and God has spoken to me through her words.

Something I want Him to do through my words someday.

Some people would say that her life was wasted, she was so young when she was killed.

But in fact, its rather the opposite.

While her death is tragic beyond words, her life and what it meant is so worth celebrating.

Her life wasn't wasted.
“And as Christians, we need to remember to walk our talk.”--rachel joy scott

Her memorial service was broadcast to people all over the country, all over the world.

And because of her story, thousands of people came to Christ and still are.

Teens stepped forward to "pick up the torch" that had been dropped at her death. (check out the book(s) for more info)

God had has a plan for it all.

He's got this.

What if you were to die today? What would happen to you? Where would you go? Tomorrow is not a promise, but a chance. It may not be there for you. After death, then what? Where will you spend your eternity? Will you have eternal life with your loving Father? Or will you be ripped from the arms of your Savior. Eternity is in your hands; change it!

Do you know what was written on the cover of her last journal?


Me? I don't want to be labeled as average either.
“I am not going to apologize for speaking the Name of Jesus, I am not going to justify my faith to them, and I am not going to hide the light that God has put into me. If I have to sacrifice everything…I will.” --Rachel Joy Scott {1 year before her death}

As of today, it has been 13 years since the Columbine school shootings. And it seems that no one cares to remember.

But I say remember, remember and never forget.

this post is dedicated to Rachel and Cassie as well as all those who died, and sacrificed their lives in the defense of others, 13 years ago. and to the families of those lost. God bless.

Fine Arts Trip Day 3 & 4

Next day is Fine Arts at a rather big (thought not as big as last year) church.

I canceled my Short Sermon entry as I felt my sermon wasn't ready etc...and my Spoken Word performance wasn't until after lunch.

Originally there were 4 girls and 2 guys doing spoken word, though it looked like it came down to only 3 girls and two guys. The guys went first and were really good. One of them was the same guy who received Superior with Invitation to Nationals and the Merit Award last year. Then I was up.
Now, I think it's worth mentioning, that part of spoken word, or any performance art really, is feeding back off our audience. This wasn't hard for the first two guys because they had HUGE youth groups as well as family and friends that packed the room. People who shouted things like "AMEN" and "tell it" and things like that. Supportive. People they had been practicing in front of for months (since September).
I on the other hand, had only had since January when I finally found out the theme. Not very long. Not only that but it is really hard to feed back off your audience when the only other people in the room are 3 judges, your mother, a random dude and the next girl and her leader. Yeah...
So, after both the other girls dropped lines halfway through their performances, surprise surprise the guy that won last year got the same this year. But, the other guy also got Superior with Invitation to Nationals.
And none for Siriana. *sigh*

Ah well, wasn't in my favor to begin with. Whatever. I still don't think the judges know what spoken word is...thus they responded better to the rap-like stylings and deeper voices of the guys.

But, I did pretty much the same as last year in T-Shirt Design and Poetry. Superior with Invitation to Nationals in Poetry, and Superior as well as the Merit Award (highest scoring) in T-shirt design.

Some of you may be wondering about if I'm going to National Fine Arts Festival. Well, the answer is no. I would need about $2,500 in the next two that if I had I probably would spend on something more like a new computer and web design software so I could do that for work.
You see, Nationals is in Louisville, Kentucky. Which is on the other side of the country. Think 3,000 miles.
Which to go would mean, registration and ticket costs, finding someone to go with me, plane tickets, car rental, gas, food, and a hotel for a week. Craziness and lots of money.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Fine Arts Trip Day 1 & 2

Reading other blogs always makes me want to come and write something on my own (blog)...right now I am so enjoying Oh Restless Bird, Thoughts of a Shieldmaiden as well as the lovely stylings of Roz over at Clothes, Cameras, and Coffee.

And so I felt it was due time I posted again, and definitely about my district Fine Arts trip this past weekend!
Alright-y...where to begin where to begin... Well, we left on Thursday morning, (the 12th) and while originally having planned to leave home at 9am we barely made it out by 10am. This is, I will admit, mostly my fault because there were last minute things I needed to do but I needed help or something with so had waited for everyone else then they all had to wait for me...yes, confusing, I actually have no idea...yes moving on.
Obviously Thursday was a confusing, frazzling morning for me. I didn't really sleep much the night before, lots of tossing, turning and waking up in the middle of the night. Not restful at all. Thank goodness I didn't have to navigate.
Now, last year it was just my mother and I and so I was the person with the maps as we had never been to where we were staying and needed to watch for exits and continually consult the google maps prints.
We arrived at our destination about 6ish after approximately 6 hours in the car (not counting the stops).
Yet another fitful night, though this time because of sleeping in an unfamiliar bed...
Next day, attempt to sleep in but to no avail. Decide we're going to the aquarium...
Google maps our way to the aquarium, have enough to pay for two hours of parking...rush through aquarium (super cool!), mumble yell at the lacking not working camera a lot, and finally get a bunch of pictures:
Exit through aquarium shop, I of course buy a shirt (it's a weakness of mine). Though it is a pretty epic shirt. Tie dye with some cool floral digital printing on it and a classic collegian logo placement

Meanwhile, mum has gone ahead to the car to make sure her baby *cough* dog is alright.
Oh, did I mention we took our chihuahua with us? Yes...on the whole trip. She's too adorable to leave home. Don't believe me? She has a tumblr:

That was Pooky in all my pictures! Something I do is take pictures of him all over the place...kind of like people do with that gnome.
Last summer Pooky got to travel all across the country!...without me...obviously this bear is much better traveled than I!

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