Friday, February 25, 2011

Question for my Readers

Hey everybody, I have a question for all yous.

I've been thinking...

Well, about a lot of things really, but one thing in particular that I'd like to get your opinions on.

What do you peoples think about me opening up a blog design shop of sorts?

I've been taking a web design class and have figured out a lot of stuff about blog as I've gone along so I'm pretty confident I know my stuff.

I don't know about rates or anything yet...or if I'll even do it, but I was wondering if anyone had anything to say about that idea.

Would any of you be interested in a design by SirianaBlogs?

Do you think its anything anyone else might be interested in?

Please comment!

Monday, February 21, 2011

life. is. sweet.

Life Is Sweet

10 things that make my life all the sweeter because they exist.

  1. fonts

    --I just love fonts...a font can mean the success or failure of a design.
  2. colors

    --don't they just make the world so much more colorful? ;-)
  3. the wind

    --that breeze that makes a summers day all that more bearable, or that wind that harbors the hopes for a changing season.
  4. dragons

  5. community

    --friends and family there to support and encourage. I am so thankful for my church supporting me so I can make it to district Fine Arts Festival. Such a God deal.
  6. friends

    --always one worth mentioning. I love my friends. They show up unexpectedly bearing gaming systems, ask if they can take their guitar to camp, and oh, yes, put up with me ;-) you know who you are.
  7. Pandora

    --I've been using the Pandora Internet Radio app on my iPod quite a bit lately, and its been so great to listen to music I probably wouldn't otherwise...I've been a fan of Paramore for quite a while, but I don't own any of their albums and because Pandora takes note of what I do and do not like to listen to, its been playing a lot of Flyleaf, Paramore, Evanescence and some others that I'm really enjoying!
  8. world vision

    --the Christian humanitarian organization. We have a sponsor child through WV and I am so thankful for them and all that they do. Truly something wonderful to be a part of.
  9. wipeout

    --while infinitely sadistic of me to say so, I do so enjoy watching the show with my familiy...
  10. GIMP

    --while GIMP and I have a love/hate relationship (that being an understatement) it has been so very helpful, so glad to have discovered it last year!

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