Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Fine Arts Festival

Seeing as I haven't really posted since FFW, I do believe its time for another post!

Basically everything going on in my little world as of right now involves school...or (hopefully) going to my district Fine Arts Festival *crosses fingers*.

If everything works out and I am going to be able to attend my district festival (which is about 5 or so hours away from where I live) I'm definitely going to be entering in:

  • Spoken Word

  • Photography, Digital

  • Book Chapter


  • Poetry

As of right now, I'm also considering entering in:
  • T-Shirt Design


  • Short Sermon

The only two that require me to be on stage however, would be Spoken Word and Short Sermon.

While I don't think I will make it to Nationals (which are being hosted in Phoenix AZ this year) I've been watching the merit winners for last year in Detroit.


Some really awesome stuff!!!

I think my overall favorite merit winner though, would have to be the guy who won for his short sermon.

And of course, I couldn't help but check for the merit winner for Spoken Word seeing as its going to be my biggest entry!

Epic right?

And now, the merit winners that I just plain enjoyed!

For Drama Solo...

For Drama Ensemble Small...

For Female Vocal Spanish (absolutely beautiful and amazing!!!)...

I think the only two categories that I think they should have are (under Exhibition) Comedy (there is such a thing as Christian comedy, no? can't it be used as a ministry tool for God?) and (under Writing) Devotional.

So hopefully (God providing) I will be finding myself at my district Fine Arts Festival this spring...and God willing maybe at nationals!!!


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