Friday, December 03, 2010

Christmas Music

         Normally I'm not one for Christmas music, I tire of hearing the same thing year after year, after year.
         However, last year I invested in the awesome music...Relient K's Let it Snow Baby, Let it Reindeer Christmas album. (available during the holiday season as an MP3 download for only $5 from Amazon, I highly recommend it).

         Because I was so highly anticipating listening to my awesome Christmas music this year, I actually started listening to it a few days before Thanksgiving! 

         Now, I do like the more rock versions of the traditional Christmas songs, but I really must give props to BarlowGirl for their awesome vocals on this traditional version of the Carol of the Bells:

          But back to the topic of that awesome rockin' Christmas music.

          As far as originality, and a completely new song, I love Relient K's Santa Clause is Thumbing to Town, which, unfortunately I could not find a video of on'll all just have to trust me on its level of awesomeness.

         Another new Christmas song, is from Flyleaf from one of their original EP's: I LOVE IT:

          Now, I don't know if any of you have by chance seen Mean Girls...but, it really ruined Jingle Bell Rock for me and I haven't really liked the song since...but Thousand Foot Krutch has brought it back for me in their version:

          I love BarlowGirls version of Carol of the Bells, I love to listen to it because its such a beautiful song, but this here, is an awesome instrumental rock version:

Hoping you're all getting into the Christmas spirit as well!

Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Creatively Fickle

          Okay, so, its the beginning of a new month, and I'm wanting to do something different...

          I'm a person that is always changing my blog design...when I had my first personal blog (which was invite only) I changed it probably every couple weeks, if not more...of course I was using pre-made templates that I took fancy to, and no one actually ever really saw it, but it was just something I liked to change with my mood and fancy. I think you could call me creatively fickle.

          Anyway, since I am still always wanting to change my blog design, but I prefer using my own designs it doesn't happen as much..

          But as of late, I have had, in my head a new, and simpler design idea for Concrete & Grace...well, really, a new much less busy header idea. I do love my header, but its just a bit...too much if you know what I mean. And a week or so ago, I suddenly got an idea for a header that I'm hopefully going to be working on in my spare (ha!) time possibly this weekend...

         I've also been tossing around the idea of a seasonal design that I change every few months or so...I've just loved what AwelOliva, Hannah, and Nzkiwigirl have done with it...unfortunately, as of right now I'm too swamped with school and I won't be able to do such. However I am considering on possibly working on a little something-something over Winter Vacation.

         So, there is definitely somewhat of a simpler Concrete & Grace coming your way (hopefully) soon.

Capturing Creation Photo Challenge Day 3

Well, its Day 3 of the Capturing Creation Photo Challenge over at Yours Truly, and so its time for more pictures!

This one I took just this summer. We leveled our yard and so it was kind of dirt and puddles for a while. We live in a building thats over 100 years old however (quite a history there) and so we found lots of interesting things in our yard when we were restoring it to its original level. 
Like bottles, lots of vintage bottles. 
I think my favorite thing I found though would be the coke bottle bottom I found. Its really cool because the glass is un-even (in thickness)  all the way around, the inside, the sides, the makes that whole "coke bottle glasses" thing make a bit more sense.

This one I took just a couple days ago. (I'll have more pictures up shortly!)

blessings to you all on this gloriously snowy Wednesday!

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