Saturday, November 10, 2012

have a laugh

In which I share some of my YouTube favorites.

**disclaimer: some videos may contain some cussing and/or content some may deem inappropriate. those wary of such have been hereby warned.**

First off, this is exactly how I pack a suitcase, as many, many, (many...) people can attest.

This pretty much sums up the election for me...

Welcome to an apt representation of my insomnia...

This is actually a video I took. It's from camp and it's hilarious.
Watch the whole thing, you'll thank me.

The accuracy of this is startling.
Especially considering I watched it just a few days after pretty much this exact thing happening.

This is just hilarious. If you're looking for some good content, follow BlimeyCow on YouTube.

And finally...a video which I have watched more times than I can count.

Sunday, November 04, 2012

read a book you've read before

Just yesterday I found myself with the inclination to read a book that I've read twice before, a book that I own.
I didn't really know just how much I wanted to read, to become enveloped in a story, in a quest, in a journey, until I realized that it was almost 2am and I was practically halfway through the book.

It made me remember the time when I read the book, who I suggested the book to, and how much I truly enjoyed the book; because I had forgotten.

So, as the autumn days turn colder, the nights longer and everything begins to freeze; curl up with a book you've read before, a book you haven't considered reading, a book you've overlooked for a while. And pick it up, and read it again until you can remember why it was you decided to bring that book home with you and adopt it into your heart.

read a book you've read before
with pages old and overlooked
read a book you've read before
remember why you hold it close

Because maybe, just maybe, you need it more than you know.

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