Friday, April 20, 2012

Fine Arts Trip Day 3 & 4

Next day is Fine Arts at a rather big (thought not as big as last year) church.

I canceled my Short Sermon entry as I felt my sermon wasn't ready etc...and my Spoken Word performance wasn't until after lunch.

Originally there were 4 girls and 2 guys doing spoken word, though it looked like it came down to only 3 girls and two guys. The guys went first and were really good. One of them was the same guy who received Superior with Invitation to Nationals and the Merit Award last year. Then I was up.
Now, I think it's worth mentioning, that part of spoken word, or any performance art really, is feeding back off our audience. This wasn't hard for the first two guys because they had HUGE youth groups as well as family and friends that packed the room. People who shouted things like "AMEN" and "tell it" and things like that. Supportive. People they had been practicing in front of for months (since September).
I on the other hand, had only had since January when I finally found out the theme. Not very long. Not only that but it is really hard to feed back off your audience when the only other people in the room are 3 judges, your mother, a random dude and the next girl and her leader. Yeah...
So, after both the other girls dropped lines halfway through their performances, surprise surprise the guy that won last year got the same this year. But, the other guy also got Superior with Invitation to Nationals.
And none for Siriana. *sigh*

Ah well, wasn't in my favor to begin with. Whatever. I still don't think the judges know what spoken word is...thus they responded better to the rap-like stylings and deeper voices of the guys.

But, I did pretty much the same as last year in T-Shirt Design and Poetry. Superior with Invitation to Nationals in Poetry, and Superior as well as the Merit Award (highest scoring) in T-shirt design.

Some of you may be wondering about if I'm going to National Fine Arts Festival. Well, the answer is no. I would need about $2,500 in the next two that if I had I probably would spend on something more like a new computer and web design software so I could do that for work.
You see, Nationals is in Louisville, Kentucky. Which is on the other side of the country. Think 3,000 miles.
Which to go would mean, registration and ticket costs, finding someone to go with me, plane tickets, car rental, gas, food, and a hotel for a week. Craziness and lots of money.

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