Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Fine Arts Trip Recap Day 1

So, I'm sure at least some of you are wondering what all went down during the epic district Fine Arts Journey (for more about FA click here!) a few weeks ago (wow...has it really only been a few weeks??) and I realized I needed to here we are!

Basically the trip was lots of driving...and traffic...and tiredness.
So during the whole thing I was really tired, but pretty stoked at the same time (quite the combination, eh?) and in all truthfulness, didn't really have enough rest to process everything as it happened.
So if you asked me what I thought of things and if I was excited during the trip my answer would have been along the lines of "shhhh. I'm sleeping..." whereas after I had some good sleep and time to process everything that happened (twas a seriously fast paced trip) my answer its "IT WAS TOTALLY AWESOME!".

When I say the trip was fast paced, I mean there wasn't much time when we weren't doing something!

Here's how everything went down trip, day 1...


get up
get dressed
load car
spend 2 - 3 hours looking for things I need (art board for my t-shirt design, prints of my photography etc. etc.)
back on the road
see this oddity driving on the highway...
stop for gas
drive through a snow storm?!

drive through a rain storm...

still driving, sun comes out...beautiful despite the highway!

and it gets even prettier as we go!!!

get lost looking for the house we're staying at
I again point out my lack of navigation skills
find the house we're staying at
meet the lovely people we were staying with for the weekend
share a meal
get ready for bed
try to sleep
try to sleep
try to sleep
roughly 2am realize haven't slept and sometime thereafter finally, actually fall asleep

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