Saturday, November 10, 2012

have a laugh

In which I share some of my YouTube favorites.

**disclaimer: some videos may contain some cussing and/or content some may deem inappropriate. those wary of such have been hereby warned.**

First off, this is exactly how I pack a suitcase, as many, many, (many...) people can attest.

This pretty much sums up the election for me...

Welcome to an apt representation of my insomnia...

This is actually a video I took. It's from camp and it's hilarious.
Watch the whole thing, you'll thank me.

The accuracy of this is startling.
Especially considering I watched it just a few days after pretty much this exact thing happening.

This is just hilarious. If you're looking for some good content, follow BlimeyCow on YouTube.

And finally...a video which I have watched more times than I can count.

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