Monday, March 14, 2011

life movie

I love movies.
I do...looking and seeing a whole story
like a whole life played out before me.

sometimes I wish
life was like that
that I could see
the past
and the future
for what they are
for what they will be

see myself
proven wrong
next week
next year

for things to turn out
a happily ever after
love and all that other stuff

but thats just not reality...

in reality
life is love
love is life
(and then there's music)

but love is messy
its awkward
it hurts

it just doesn't seem worth it

but in
maybe we’ll look back
and we’ll see

just how amazing
just how right
just how good
can be

maybe it won’t be
all happy and good
there are sorrows
and pains
things not understood

but something we have
that we hold
and we share
is a hope
and a light
for some future out there

sometimes I wish
that life
was all there
20/20 vision
All laid out

sometimes I wish
that I could see it all
for what it is
for what it will be

but reality
isn’t barren
its not just the end

are just beginnings
wrapped in strange packages

life is love
love is life
(and then there’s music too)
and even though
love is messy
its awkward
it hurts

its worth it

we’ll see

when we look back at our life
and the music in-between

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