Sunday, October 28, 2012

goodbye October

oh October, where have you gone?

My favorite month is almost gone in a flash of brilliant orange and the freeze of the mountains above.

Fall is my favorite season you see.

And October is the epitome of autumn.

Seated between the end-of-summer September and the holiday-beginnings of November, October is the very-fall-fall-ness of autumn.

Like I said more eloquently, it's the epitome of fall.

It's writing and magic and changing.

The 2013 Fine Art's theme is "Finished".

Fall is a time of finishing. It's an ending.
But endings are just beginnings wrapped in strange packages.

Fall is like a phoenix, going out in a blaze of brilliant orange and leaves the shades of fire. And from this "death" comes the rebirth of spring after the time of freeze.

Autumn is the time of birth, for me, beyond my philosophical ramblings.
October first marks my birth.

I love temperate, chilly weather.
I'm not a tropical, hot weather type of person.
Sure, I like summer, but it's far from my favorite.

I'm sad to see the passing of October. It's ending coming on Wednesday.
But such ending breaks way for the beginning of winter.
Snow boots and frozen earth. Snow and frosty trees.

So here's to October, raise a glass of tea with me.
I'm going to drink it, wearing my Avengers t-shirt and my Elmo pajama pants; in celebration and toast to the wonderfulness of this ever passing October.

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