Friday, June 03, 2011

As of Late

Hey everybody!

How're all of you? I know I haven't been posting...well very much ever I guess.

But I'm blogging again! haha

Its the last couple weeks of school for me.

Well, being homeschooled it never really ends (I'm doing math over the summer to get ready for starting Running Start college in the fall...).

I'm working really hard to finish up my web design course by the 9th.

Rather difficult seeing as I'm two weeks behind from the combination of being sick, having computer troubles, and having trouble downloading software the course required I have so...its been hard but I'm in the home stretch now!

A couple of rather exciting things since I last posted though.

As some of you may remember from my last post, I decided for various stress, time and monitary issues that I wasn't going to be entering in National Fine Arts this year.

Well, within days of that decision I actually received an answer to prayer.

Some lovely family friends had heard about my struggle with money for Nationals, and gifted me $120 to cover registration.

But, they didn't know that I had stepped down from doing that.

I was so extremely touched and thankful for their generosity, but I couldn't keep the gift.

I went to return it, but they insisted I keep it, "for whatever comes up".

I made the decision to set it aside for Fine Arts Festival next year, so I already have a head start!

Basically its just school, school, school for me the next few days!

Hope you're all wonderful :-) whether you're on summer vacation, or eagerly awaiting the days of summer like me.


My Infamosity

Some of you that know me or follow me on Facebook or Twitter might remember my bemoaning the fact that I had to build a 6 page website about myself for my Web Design course.

One page had to be: What do you believe you will be doing 10, 15 and 20 years from now. Write a paragraph about each of these years including
  • education and/or job
  • single / married / divorced
  • family & kids
  • car (type) and why you chose it is what I wrote.
In 10 years I see myself having graduated with honors from clown college and pursuing my dream of being in the circus. Single, no family except the circus. As for car, a clown car of course. My friends and I like to carpool.

In 15 years I see myself having purchased the circus I started off in to take it to greater destinations and being the ring-master. Put the clown car in the garage in favor of a personal jet and still be single.

In 20 years I see myself having lost the circus in a divorce settlement and beginning my illustrious career as a sign waver directing potential customers to new housing developments for sale, Jiffy Lube's and car washes. Car: I got the clown car back out of the garage, it doesn't get half bad gas mileage.

Now, obviously I wasn't serious ;-) I'm just that girl who barely knows what she's doing next week, or next month...let alone 10 years from now.

Thought you guys might enjoy that! haha

I know I did!

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