Wednesday, August 24, 2011


Anyone heard of Instagram?

It's a lovely little app for your iPhone or iPod Touch where you can upload pictures to a "social" if you will but are able to change the pictures with several different choices in filters.


I started this morning and am officially obsessed!

And the cool part?

My iPod touch barely has a megapixel of definition, only two of those pictures are from an actual camera...can you tell which ones?

I can, and actually the 'be original' picture isn't mine, but other than that all the others were taken by me.

Anyone interested in getting the app, its free and I rate it a full 5 stars! {click here for iTunes store}

Which two do you think are actually captured with a camera?

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

I'm a terrible blogger.

Really, we all know it.

I never really post.

When I do post its short, not really interesting, and never what I said I'd write about.

Sure, I'm always taking pictures and writing down little things and having ideas for what I can post about.

Heck, I even start what looks to be great posts only to plummet into writers block and laziness.

Those posts sit aimlessly in my draft box.

Pining away for the day when they will be completed and have a chance at being seen.

But then I look at them as chores.

As something thats hard.

Therefore, something I don't really want to do.

That's what happens with me, you see.

I love blogging, I do, very much so indeed.

But when I say I will post about something, then I feel as if I absolutely have to and then I'm obligated and its not just something fun anymore.

Its a chore.

And I don't want it to be like that.

I don't want it to be that way.

So somethings got to give.

I know there's a few promised posts never published.

Like the review of Apples 4th Generation iPod Touch. RIOT screen protectors. My lovely wonderful TribalStyle earrings.

And then of course the conclusion of the posts about camp this year.

Maybe someday you'll get those.

Someday maybe they'll be written and I'll post them...if anyone cares to read them by then.

But I'm afraid I find myself to busy to write them.

At least thats what I tell myself.

You see, I need to return to the day when I don't look for something else, anything else to do other than writing the posts I've promised.

Sorry for the terribly uninteresting, boring blog post readers...sorry I can't seem to do this right...

So I'm kind of taking a hiatus I guess. I'll still be here to moderate comments and check the blogs I'm following. I may even post should something full blast inspirational come my way...but I'm not going to make promises.

Until then, I'm starting to get busy with school and oh yes *gasp* drivers ed.

If anyone wonders, I'm almost too old to take drivers ed now, but I didn't have the money to be able to take it until this summer (as I was working last summer to pay for it) but camp interfered with me taking the early summer class and so I'm taking early fall elsewhere.

'til then bloggie friends :)


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