Friday, October 01, 2010

16 Random Things the spirit of blogging and it being my birthday and all, I've decided to post the ever classic '16 Random Things About Me' so here goes!

{1} My favorite color is PURPLE because it is AWESOME! (coming close is black though...)

{2} I'm not a pink girl...if and when I wear pink, it has to be with black...preferably LOTS of black...

{4} I think with a British accent...(weird but true...)

{5} I always eat my (my favorite candy!) M&M's evenly...evenly with either side of my mouth

{6} I make awesome chocolate chip what if its taken me 7 years to get a miraculously good turn out.

{7} I don't read as much as people think I do...I just read REALLY fast.

{8} I respect and enjoy all different kinds of music...but I can barely stand Country...or secular rap...

{9} JONES Soda is my favorite soda...and I LOVE the bubbles!!!

{10} IZZE's are the pinnacle of fruit juice drinks...and I LOVE them!!

{11} Writing isn't just a hobby...s'a way of life.

{12} I have been informed I don't make a very good nerd...I'm not huge on 'Star Trek' or 'Star Wars'...I took it as a compliment. XD

{13} I fall under 'Dork'...I LOVE 'The Lord of the Rings' trilogy movies...and prolly know all the dialogue by heart.

{14} I don't wear fact...I don't really even own one...

{15} I kinda have a thing for knives...I almost always have a pocket knife with me.

{16} I am awesome! ;) Just to letcha know...

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Getting To Know Me Thursday



Blessed is the man who trusts in the LORD,

whose confidence is in Him.

He will be like a tree planted by the water that sends out its roots by the stream.
It does not fear when heat comes;

its leaves are always green.

It has no worries in a year of drought

and never fails to bear fruit.

-Jeremiah 17:7-8

(credit for 'Getting to Know Me Thursdays goes to Emily of Grace Like Rain)

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Busy, Busy, Busy...

Yep...that just about sums it up!

       Then also seems like next to nothing has been going on!
       Ever have that feeling? Like there's so much to do...but you're SO bored?
       Yeah...thats what its been like these past couple days.
       LOTS of school work to do to make sure I either stay caught up or ahead...not to mention my own projects I like to keep up on...writing, drawing, photography, design...all those...


I've been enjoying my Web Design class I think...enjoying learning how to write HTML and different tags and all that...its really beginning to come in handy with my blog ;) in case you haven't noticed.
       Something really cool that I found out, for those of you who dabble in HTML and will look at a website and wonder "how on earth did they do that???" Well, there is a way to know!
       All you have to do is select what you specifically want to see, or just right click anywhere on the page (as long as its not on a link) and (on Firefox) its called 'View Page Source' (I believe its 'View Source' in Internet Explorer). Click this and a little notepad will pop up with the HTML script for the page. If you selected something, the specific HTML for what you highlighted will be highlighted in the notepad.

       Spanish is going relatively well...having some with illogicalness (hehe my own word;) of some of the assignments...other than that doing well.

       Forensic Science is honestly a breeze is rather challenging and interesting in that I am learning things I didn't know before and actually have games, quizzes and experiments to do that I didn't have when I was merely doing book reading a few years ago.

      If anyone is wondering, I've homeschooled for the past five years now (I thought it had surely only been three...but I realized at the beginning of the school year that it had actually been five whole years) and this year my school district finally made online schooling available without them slapping on the restriction that I couldn't do my Christian homeschool curriculum. So, I decided on Chemistry, Spanish and Web Design.
       Chemistry fell through (they didn't list all the pre-requisits for the specific course in the catalogue, and I didn't have the required Algebra 3 and 4 qualifications it wanted. (But I mean really??? WHO takes Algebra 3 and/or 4 in HIGHSCHOOL???)

       Went to my youth group thingie on Monday I do every Monday night...had a ton of fun (as always)! Of course, had to suffer through having 'happy birthday' sung to me terribly I might add ;) but it was still nice don't get me wrong...just not usually one for having 'happy birthday' sung to me is all.
       Of course, one of my friends threatened to have the WHOLE stadium sing happy birthday to me on Friday at the football game *facepalm* I SURE hope he doesn't! (I threatened extensive bodily harm if he were to do so... ;)
       But yes, my 16th birthday is on Friday...a word of wisdom to all of you out there eagerly awaiting the "magical" 16 or even just the 13 of being a teenager its WAY overrated peoples...I'm tellin' you now...

       I've had a few people ask me just what it is I want for my birthday...and (of course) its (never) something that is affordable *rolls eyes*.
       Though I am more of a Microsoft person and had wanted a 64GB Zune HD since it came out...with the release of Apples new 4th Generation iTouch I have been seriously swayed and now want a 64GB 4th Gen. iTouch...which of course will definitely not be happening...but I figure if I save, I will have enough to buy one in...oh...two or three years...

       Well...since this has been an apparently L O N G and rambling post...I do believe its about time to wrap things up...
       For those of my fellow avid readers out there, I'm currently reading City of Ashes by Cassandra Clare (eh...its okay...) and I would encourage you to please check out my book review blog, my GoodReads profile and comment with what you're reading now, the best book you've read in a while or a suggestion of something you think I might like!!!

blessings to you all!!!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Autumn, A Tag, A Book and Life

Autumn truly is here!
       Its more than just a season where I live...its a difference in the air, in the sound the trees make in the wind, in the color of the land, in the temperature...the general feeling just changes with fall...

I took a long walk the other day and just took pictures...something I love doing...

It kind of seems just a bit like summer's last hurrah...the green is not gone yet...

I love these two's this really cool old hitching post (yes! one of those old things people would tie their horses to in the days before cars!).

       In other news...for more of my pictures make sure to go check out Forgotten Corner Photography...and yes! I really need to post more pictures! You're all lucky I got these new ones for this post...GIMP has been failing on me and for some reason won't except my pictures to edit 'cause their too I have to downsize them and forgo my usual watermark because I'm forced to use MS Paint!

       There is also a new book review up at Randomly Reading...the number one place to get reviews of books I've read.
       This week is Captivate by Carrie Jones.

And now for the fun of it...though I wasn't directly tagged...a tag from Elr√°nia!

When can you remember laughing the hardest?
oh haha...umm...the most recent would have to be Wednesday night, the night of the youth rally and an EPIC car ride. Lots of fun!

What is one thing you're exited about for tomorrow?
Getting to see one of my best friends and hang out with some other kids my age that we do every Monday night. EPIC AWESOMENESS.

How many posters are in your bedroom?
Amazingly...only three actual posters...I have a few others that I have made though.

What is one place you'd rather be right now?
With one (or all!!!) of my best friends.

What can you smell right now?
Chilly autumn air coming in through my window. (No, its not even open if you're wondering...but I live in a 100 year old house and we haven't yet cold weather-proofed the windows yet so theres a bit of a draft.)

Who was the last person you talked to on the phone?
Well I've answered the phone recently...but that doesn't really count...that last person I actually talked to on the phone is one of my best friends Nicole. I called her and we ended up talking for two hours! And I'm not normally a person who talks on the I inadvertently ended up owing my parents $10 for long distance! But it was SO worth it!

What is the corniest movie you've ever seen?
OHMYGOSH! That is SUCH a good question!!! Just the other night I watched the original Batman movie from the '60s with my parents...SO CORNY! Everything had "bat" put in front of it...I'm not kidding either! It was SO funny; they're in the 'bat copter' (helicopter) and Batman says to Robin "lower the bat ladder" and on the bottom of the ladder was a sign that said "BAT LADDER"
haha NOT KIDDING AT ALL it was hilarious!

If you could choose one food to live off the rest of your life, never mind nutrition, what would it be?
That's such a hard question because after forever I think I would get tired of eating the same thing! lolz

Where are you going next?
Actually out of the house? ummm...probably when I check the mail tomorrow afternoon lolz.

Went to church today...and no one said a peep to anyone else about it being my birthday (on Friday...October 1st) UNTIL we were about to sing 'happy birthday' to someone else who's birthday is today when my mom spoke up and pointed out that my birthday is on Friday! *blushes* So of course I had to undergo being sung 'happy birthday' to. lol
       Yes...for those of you who don't know, Friday IS my birthday...and I'm turning 16 for those of you who wonder ^_^

Well...summer is gone and fall is here...and its now my time to bid you all adieu!

Thoughts for the Beginning of the Week...

I have but one thought I would like to share at the beginning of this week...

"Everybody dies, but not everyone lives."

Think about it...everyone dies...we all do, we all will eventually...but do we really live?
Who are we living for?

We have a choice color in the lines and go with the flow or to step out and be different...

this week are we gonna
Cross That Line?

Follow the leader, stay in the lines
What will people think of what you've done this time?

Go with the crowd, surely somebody knows
Why we're all wearing the emperor's clothes
Play it safe, play by the rules
Or don't play at all - what if you lose?
That's not the secret, but I know what is:
Everybody dies but not everyone lives

I'm gonna ride like I've got the cops on my tail
I'm gonna live my life like I'm out on bail

I'm gonna be out front, gonna blaze a trail

I'm gonna cross that line

Everybody freeze - don't step over the line
Don't stand up, they'll shoot down the first one who tries
Try to change the world, they'll think you're out of your mind
Revolutions start when someone crosses the line
They want us to lie down, give into the lie
Nothing has to change, and no one has to die
That's not the secret, but I know what is:
Everybody dies, but not everyone lives
Superchic[k] Cross The Line from Rock What You Got

I know Who I'm living you?

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