Thursday, April 19, 2012

Fine Arts Trip Day 1 & 2

Reading other blogs always makes me want to come and write something on my own (blog)...right now I am so enjoying Oh Restless Bird, Thoughts of a Shieldmaiden as well as the lovely stylings of Roz over at Clothes, Cameras, and Coffee.

And so I felt it was due time I posted again, and definitely about my district Fine Arts trip this past weekend!
Alright-y...where to begin where to begin... Well, we left on Thursday morning, (the 12th) and while originally having planned to leave home at 9am we barely made it out by 10am. This is, I will admit, mostly my fault because there were last minute things I needed to do but I needed help or something with so had waited for everyone else then they all had to wait for me...yes, confusing, I actually have no idea...yes moving on.
Obviously Thursday was a confusing, frazzling morning for me. I didn't really sleep much the night before, lots of tossing, turning and waking up in the middle of the night. Not restful at all. Thank goodness I didn't have to navigate.
Now, last year it was just my mother and I and so I was the person with the maps as we had never been to where we were staying and needed to watch for exits and continually consult the google maps prints.
We arrived at our destination about 6ish after approximately 6 hours in the car (not counting the stops).
Yet another fitful night, though this time because of sleeping in an unfamiliar bed...
Next day, attempt to sleep in but to no avail. Decide we're going to the aquarium...
Google maps our way to the aquarium, have enough to pay for two hours of parking...rush through aquarium (super cool!), mumble yell at the lacking not working camera a lot, and finally get a bunch of pictures:
Exit through aquarium shop, I of course buy a shirt (it's a weakness of mine). Though it is a pretty epic shirt. Tie dye with some cool floral digital printing on it and a classic collegian logo placement

Meanwhile, mum has gone ahead to the car to make sure her baby *cough* dog is alright.
Oh, did I mention we took our chihuahua with us? Yes...on the whole trip. She's too adorable to leave home. Don't believe me? She has a tumblr:

That was Pooky in all my pictures! Something I do is take pictures of him all over the place...kind of like people do with that gnome.
Last summer Pooky got to travel all across the country!...without me...obviously this bear is much better traveled than I!

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