Thursday, October 28, 2010

Getting To Know Me Thursday: I LOVE Music!!!

Getting to Know Me Thursday idea by Emily from Grace Like Rain
yes ;) this is my iPod


There's nothing quite like music...its like the pulse of the world...
music is life...

I'm almost always listening to music...when I do math...forensic science...chores...walking to the store...checking the mail...everything

And I'm pretty diverse in the genres and music styles I listen to...everything from Enya to Flyleaf...Family Force 5 to Gaelic Storm...Casting Crowns to CREED...tobyMac to Paramore...

But my favorite band?


Lacey Mosley has an amazing voice...from screaming in songs, to singing to the acoustics...its awesome.

*I would like to note both of these videos are more than a few years old*

Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Sorry for the lack of posting!

Oh and yes...I have forgotten! Emily of Grace Like Rain tagged me the other day and I went and answered again, but couldn't think of any questions so the tag is still sitting in my draft box...oops! I need to figure out some questions and pass along the tag! Hopefully I'll have that done soon!

Well, I've been busy busy still.
I had my last day of work on Sunday, I loved the job and am extremely grateful for it and am hoping to have it again next year, but I sure am  looking forward to sleeping in next weekend!

What I'm Reading Now

For anyone who wonders or has noticed, SO sorry I haven't had a new book review at Randomly Reading in FOREVER, I think the problem is that its not that I don't have book reviews/books to review, its that I have SO many written ahead that I forget to post new ones every week! I'll probably go and post a new one today I think.

Something I do believe I've forgotten to mention before...but my FAVORITE band is Flyleaf. Lacey Mosley-Strum has an absolutely awesome voice! Well, for my birthday, my awesome friend Nicole made made me a shirt with Flyleaf's logo on it!

 SO awesome right?!
I absolutely LOVE it...and so do a few other people I know that have been trying to steal it ;) haha

Well...time to get back to work...Math next!

hope you're all having an awesome and blessed week!

COMING SOON: Reviews on the Apple iPod Touch 4th Generation & Accessories:

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Isn't It Plain?

I wrote this for all the people in my life who need to know...
So today I ask you...isn't it plain?

Isn’t It Plain?

I cannot express
I cannot explain
God to you
Isn’t it plain?

His love for you?
His protection?
His care?
Look back on your life,
When was He there?
For always,
He never leaves your side
He loves
He cares
So much
He suffered
He bled
He died
Don’t you see,
His work in you?
His work in me?
He’s always there
By your side
But in your heart
He can abide
He lives in me
Let Him live in you
Only you can decide

I cannot express
I cannot explain

God to you
Isn’t it plain?

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