Saturday, December 31, 2011

Full Circle

look at us...where we've been...

2011 was a year of ups and downs.

I've changed. I've grown.

I've become closer to friends and grew away from others. I've met new people and made new friends. I've feel like I've grown closer to my family.

I've learned so much. My perspective has changed. I've been challenged. I've been changed.
worrying doesn't get me anywhere because it's like a rocking gives you something to do but it doesn't get you anywhere.

Circumstances and storms have spun around me. I've worried about...everything. But found encouragement and freedom in the words of friends.

I look back and have to say...I don't have any regrets. Not really.

I try not to let things I can't change bother me.
There are things that happened - hey, it's life after all - that I wish didn't go down the way they did, but I'm all the stronger for it and wouldn't change it if I could.

I have no regrets.

Okay, I take that back. One regret. I wish I had worked harder on math. But that isn't quite the type of regret to which I was referring.

Basically, it is what it is. And I am thankful for it, all of it.

I spent a week on stage with some of my best friends. I was able to go to Fine Arts festival for the first time. Camp for the fourth time. I saw friends lives changed by the power and hope of God. I got to spend a week with my best friend at her grandparents. I learned how to drive. I turned seventeen.

Every moment, every tear, every laugh, every hug, sigh, photograph and scream of frustration was worth it. Sure I don't have a definitive reason why it was worth it right now, but someday I will.

And all in all, this year has come full circle. Sure everything changes, but that's just it; everything comes back around. Full circle. It changes, but it just as surely changes back and into something new. Maybe it only makes sense to me, but here's to 2012.

look at us
where we've been
see the view it's changin' changin'
look and see
how we've come
all the way around this time

on we live
on we fight
now it's all the way full circle
things have changed
and gone away
goin' back just to go forward

here we've been
and here we've come
its come around full circle

we can't go back
no inch no mile
it's past
we've come
full circle

this is it
here we are
the old is changed
to new again
time it flies
flies away
we've come around full circle

people come
and people go
hoping just for a tomorrow
it has come
it is here
yesterday, today, tomorrow

look at us
where we've been
see the world
it's changin' changin'
look and see
how we've come
all the way around this time

on we live
on we fight
now it's all the way
full circle

by me - written over the span of the year - unfinished

Friday, December 30, 2011

10 things that make my life all the sweeter because they exist


  1. encouragement unexpected. sometimes you never even knew you need it, until something uplifting is whispered to your soul.


  2. inspiration when everything begins to flow. together. apart. around. when it all just works. inexplicably. when the flame of creativity burns bright.


  3. words are like fire. are encouragement. are inspiration. are a weapon. mightier than the sword. can hurt or can calm. can build or destroy. words are like fire.


  4. family

  5. photography how I have missed it. I need a good camera. haven't shot a photo in so very, very, long. my very dreams have been influenced by my desire to take pictures.


  6. blank pages there's something so inspiring about a blank page. a new beginning. like a new year. part of me dreads 2012. the passing of time. but part of me is excited at this blank page. a new year. to make my own. to change. to grow. to dream. and of course, with that excitement and inspiration that is a black page. a new year. there is just as much nervousness about it. just as much fear. just as much promise.


  7. light a reminder. of hope. life. fire.


  8. Hosea isn't a book of the Bible mentioned a lot, but it's probably my favorite. It's the story of a man that God led to marry a woman who was...well, basically a prostitute. Every time she left Hosea he always took her back. Even paying her way out of slavery. It's the story that God takes us back. Even when we mess up...royally. No matter what we do, how much we sin, disobey or our actions displease Him; He loves us. We are His people and repentance will bring restoration and freedom.


  9. history so much can be learned from the past. from mistakes made. battles lost. if only one would take the time. to listen. to learn. to understand. no wonder the world makes so many mistakes. so many mistakes already made.


  10. prayers

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