Friday, October 08, 2010

The Call

I ♥ Music

And one of my favorite (not as heavy metal ;)songs is The Call by Regina Spektor.

Some of you probably know the song I'm talking about, from the end of Narnia: Prince Caspian. Its a beautiful song that makes me hopeful and want to cry all at the same time...

Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Jobs and iPods seems like SO much has happened since I last blogged!

And yet it also seems like so little...hmmn...I wonder how that works? haha

Well, I think the most exciting thing (really its a God-Thing) is that I have a job!!!

        The wages are BEYOND fantastic, its something I have experience doing and, it actually only part time.

       I'm working about 5 hours every day, two days a week (weekends) and I'm getting paid little over minimum wage (minimum wage is currently $9 per hour) PLUS tips! For anyone who's wondering, I'm working at a food booth on the weekends during October. Essentially I am the one who takes orders and handles the money and that kind of thing...some would say waitressing, however I'm not actually really walking around or moving out of a small area much so I don't consider it to be waitressing. (What just occurred to me is that NO; "waitressing" is not a word let alone a proper term ;)

       So...because I have a job, I'm going to be making money that would (where I live, with the scarcity of jobs especially jobs for teenagers) take me FOUR YEARS to earn, I'm earning in ONE MONTH.
       AND (here's the God-Thing part) before my birthday I prayed and asked God for a really good job 'cause "it would be the perfect birthday gift".
       On my birthday, my mom informed me that the people would need my help the following day and I could start working!
       So, its been really an awesome opportunity I think.

       Because of the job...meaning because I'm actually going to have money for once (lol), I am going to be able to get what I've been saving for! While I'm originally more of a Microsoft person, Apple's new 64GB 4th Generation iPod Touch is just too much of an undeniable technological awesomeness that I want in on it. And the end of the month, I will essentially have an iPod touch!!! SO EXCITING!

       For the past four or five years I've had my 1st Generation Zune 30GB which was an awesome first MP3 player. The bigger screen really nice for watching movies on. But, seeing as its begun showing signs of being on its last leg, I've been considering an upgrade for a while now. (I would also like to point out its a hard-drive based player [for those of you techies who know what the difference is ;) ] and tends to whirr and make noise...oh, and its the size of a small brick haha)

       Anyways...other than that, school is going good though I've kinda been stressing 'bout Spanish (which I think is definitely my worst subject...or at least the one I've come to kind of dread doing...). My favorite subject though is definitely Forensic Science 'cause...well...I'm good at that one.

I think its just about time to end this post! haha

Questions? Comments? I don't hate either ;)


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