Thursday, February 23, 2012


I realize I haven't posted in almost a month.

There are many excuses I could make: I kept getting sick a lot, new semester and a class at the highschool.

But, there really is no excuse, because it was mostly laziness.

Okay, and general uninspired-ness. But mostly laziness.

And I'll admit it.

Sometimes, I just don't have words for everyone else.
Sometimes, I barely even write in my journal because there's no words for me either.
Sometimes, this writer is word-less.

Everything seems stale, slow...almost like molasses; when there's no words.

No words with meaning anyway.

There's all these things I've been meaning to do, want to do, should do...but it seems like I never...have the time?

Have the will?

I hate it when everything seems so...blah.

Of course, this will either make complete sense to you or you'll be reading this wondering whether or not I'm sane.

That's something I've been asking myself actually.

And the answer is, honestly...I don't know.

Who's to say anyone is sane or anyone is crazy? Normal, beautiful and sane are at least three things I personally feel are indefinable. Changed by the bias and experience of the person in question.

Besides, doesn't every "crazy" person say to themselves or others "I'm not crazy"?

Sorry for my rambling somewhat philosophical's just all I have in me right now. 

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