Tuesday, October 02, 2012

18 for 18

So, everyone, in case you didn't know...yesterday was my birthday!

Yeah, 18, wow, craziness.
Not as amazing as some people seem to think. Nothing in my opinion to particularly look forward to...
Anyways...for the last few years I've done a facts thing on my birthday, compiling as many facts as there are years for my life.

SO...here we go.



I am kind of completely obsessed with tumblr. this time last year, I was addicted to pinterest.


I don't have a favorite tv show, movie, book, song, artist or album.

there's just too many I really like there's absolutely no way to pick


I still really want to go to Scotland.

I don't feel that needs much explanation.


I rather adore nail polish.

this time last year I was head over heels for blue nail polish...ironically, that hasn't gone away. while I wouldn't say "head over heels" for only blue nail polish, I do just love nail polish. though my current favorite color is blue...TARDIS blue to be exact (aka Mesmerize by ESSIE).


I have a camera

this time last year I was longing for a Nikon camera...a good camera. this spring I finally had the funds to invest in one. and...I got even better than what I wished for in October of last year.


TWLOHA is still the best organization ever

'nough said


driving still freaks me out

in fact I still don't have my license...


the last book I read the whole of was The House at Sea's End by Elly Griffiths

and that was a couple weeks ago. I have the next one...but because of my reading-heavy anthropology college class I haven't had time to crack the next one yet.


I'm even geekier/nerdier/dorkier than I was last year.

it's grown so much I'm almost worried about frightening you lot away with all of it...that's why I love my tumblr.


I long for a new computer.

I have the camera I've always dreamed of, and while short the lens I'm really needing for it, my little laptop of four years is dying. I need a new computer that isn't only going to fulfill my needs for processing photos and doing school but also be equal to the task of running intensive programs for web design as well.


I would like to lose weight.

my brain and the rest of me disagree on when to exercise however...so that makes it difficult *cough*


I need a new computer.

so badly that I had to post it twice...


I bought my first lottery ticket yesterday.

I realized at about 5 in the evening that I was old enough to win the lottery...fingers crossed, eh?


Doctor Who is fantastic!

um...no explanation needed


I've considered sending my camera back.

yes. as slightly ashamed as I am to admit it, it's been considered. and seriously considered. and reconsidered. I need a new computer that bad people...


I've had a fall blog design in the works since this spring.

my computer has been so crashy though I can barely run the program to finish some graphics for it which is why it has not come to be sooner...it was originally supposed to be the spring design.


I don't do anything to celebrate my birthday.



I don't want to grow up...

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Sarah Elizabeth said...

I love your list, Miss 18 Year Old! And I can completely identify with #'s 3 // 9 // 11 // 14!! // 18 =)

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