Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Question for my Peeps

Okay, random question for my bloggie readers out there.

My URL is way long, and kind of complicated.

I mean really, weareconcreteandgrace.blogspot.com??? Kind of difficult, no?

I've been thinking of changing it to sirianablogs.blogspot.com but I kind of want to save that for if / when I start doing blog design as a way to make money.

So I was thinking maybe
or even

But it kind of depends on what you guys think...would you all make sure to pick up a fresh blog button that has the new address?

Has anyone tried buying a url with blogger? So that it can be your-ulr.com as opposed to your-url.blogspot.com?

Also, what do you guys think of this design? I'm sure I've asked before but I'm thinking something a bit lighter and brighter is good for summer.

Of course, seeing as how I have time now, and the creative juices are flowing, its extremely possible that I might just be coming up with something completely different for C&G.

So lots of questions, comment with feedback if it made any sense please! :)

Monday, June 13, 2011


Hey bloggies...yes! Its me, the prodigal bloggeress...

hmmnn...trying to decide about that "term" I just penned...wait...typed?


Anyways...SUMMER VACATION! whoo!

Of course, there is still, in my case, math to work on this summer. But for all intents and purposes, its SUMMAH. oh yah.

Back a couple weeks ago, at the end of may, we went kayaking.

You see, my family, we have a guided kayak tour business on the river that runs through our county. My dad built our kayaks by hand, if anyone happens to wonder.

Because of some serious snow pack and run off this year our river is higher than its been in nearly 20 years.

In fact, some of the highest recorded flooding was when I was only 2 years old...and its supposed to rise even higher this time.

One of the parks up here is flooded.

And I don't mean, just barely encroaching on the boundaries of the park, I mean full on inlet flooding.

And just to put what it looks like now (since I don't have pictures) into perspective, that bridge, is now underwater.

Pretty crazy huh?? But it was kind of fun...interesting fact, where I laid on my picnic blanket at 4th of July last year...well I would pretty much be drowning haha

Well...I'm off dear bloggie friends...hope you enjoyed the pics and the short story!


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