Friday, February 18, 2011


Its just been one of those weeks.

Where you can't seem to focus on anything.

Where everything is a hardship.

Where no matter how hard you try to concentrate the creative juices aren't flowing.

One of those weeks where you can't seem to accomplish anything.

And I am SO thankful for the weekend.

I think the best day of my week was (surprisingly...) Monday was a lot of fun. Had our Valentines "Formal Night" at YoungLife. Since I didn't have a dress I made one last week and it turned out awesome.

Unfortunately I didn't get pictures, but maybe I will sometime.

But, the night ended with me having one of the worst headaches ever.

And I guess my week kind of just went downhill from there as far as the land of headaches and me feeling just icky and well...stressed out I guess.

I did accomplish some really good stuff for Fine Arts this week though. Working on editing the book chapter I am going to submit and figuring out what I am going to submit for my poetry entry.

I think the upside was I got some (hopefully) good stuff to read in at the library on Wednesday that I went and picked up maybe I'll actually accomplish some reading for the first time in...well, needless to say its been a while due to my lack of fictional appetite.

So I leave you all with well wishes for the weekend and hopes for a better time next week!


Monday, February 14, 2011

life. is. sweet.

Life Is Sweet

10 things that make my life all the sweeter because they exist.

  1. sewing

    --designing and creating make life sweet...but theres nothing quite like following through on something you've had in your head, and translating it to reality...even if the process doesn't quite go as planned.
  2. reading

    --I haven't read much in a while, nothing has quite caught my fancy as it were...but I got a Christian fiction book on my iPod (loving the Kindle App) and am throughly enjoying it.
  3. Jacky Faber

    --yes...I named my iPod...after my favorite book character from The Bloody Jack Adventure series. She kicks iPod AND the character haha
  4. the bible

    --theres really nothing quite as peaceful as sitting down and studying that Word.
  5. spring

    --its almost here...and I can smell it in the air!

    --a reminder to everyone, life is sweet, we're loved and we're not alone.
  7. young life

    --every Monday night my local Young Life club meets...highlight of my week!
  8. learning

    --being homeschooled, every day I learn something I didn't know before...and everything is a lesson!
  9. writing

    --I love the feeling of my pen flowing on paper, my fingers flying across the keys...
  10. inspiration

    --when it comes...

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