Monday, July 11, 2011

Pooky Across the Country

One of my best friends and her family have been driving all over the country for the past couple months. 

And guess what?? They even let me help them set up a blog to keep everyone back home updated. 

You can check it out: The Covered Wagon - The Christman Family from West to East

Last year when they started planning we jokingly discussed that I should come along...but that just wasn't possible because of a few different things.

First, they departed before I was done with school.
Second, I had a lot of commitments in the month of July: fireworks booth and OH YEAH, of course camp.
And third...I get carsick...

So all that aside, I was kind of bummed I wasn't coming along.

But, to make up for the fact that I couldn't join them, I sent along someone in my stead. Someone cute, furry and very important to me.

My key-chain teddy bear...Pooky. 

(yes, I am a Garfield fan)

Of course, I wanted pictures. Lots of pictures. Pictures of Pooky everywhere

I'll caption what I can and the rest, well you can figure out where he's at! 

{ pooky at pioneer thing? }
 Now, I'm not sure but I think this is a pioneer trailhead / memorial thing.

{ pooky & mercy }
 A few weeks before they left, Angi (my friend Savanah's mom) had the baby, little girl Mercy!
{ pooky at the rest stop - pretty self explanatory }

{ pooky...somewhere...I'm thinking maybe Yellowstone }

{ pooky at the creamery in montana }
 While they were in Montana, they discovered a really great homemade ice cream shop. Apparently, best ice cream ever. {click here for the post}

{ pooky hitchin' a ride }

{ pooky at old faithful? }

{ pooky at yellowstone }

{ pooky and the skull }
 I'm not entirely sure, but I believe the pooky and the skull pic is from Yellowstone as well...though it may possibly be from the ranch the visited in Montana.

{ pooky on the yellowstone map }
 Pooky ON THE MAP. {click here for the post}
{ pooky at yellowstone }

{ pooky hitchin' a ride }
 From the looks of it, this has been Pooky's mode of transportation during the trip! Hitchin' a ride on Savanah's belt loop.

{ pooky at st. pauls cathedral }
{click here for the post}

{ ? }
 I happen to have no idea where that picture is taken! haha
Though I guess if I googled the zoo I'm sure I could find out...

{ pooky and floyd }
 Now this picture...where do I begin...
When I first received the e-mail with the pictures I looked at most of them on my iPod.
Including this one.
And at first glance, I was wondering why they had sent this as a Pooky picture. I couldn't see him anywhere in it.
Then, why my mom wanted to see the pictures I pulled up the e-mail on my laptop, hooked the computer up to the tv and started the slideshow.
Needless to say, I didn't miss it the second time!

{ pooky at lake michigan }

{ pooky and jesse }
{click here for post}

{ pooky at lake michigan }

{ still at lake michigan? }

{ pooky at...NIAGRA FALLS }
 When I sent Pooky off with Savanah and her family, I warned her to be very careful with my bear, as he was special.

You can imagine my squeal at these pictures!! {click here for post}

{ pooky dangling over niagra falls }

{ pooky dangling over niagra falls!!! }

{ pooky at Niagra falls }
 I think this is my favorite picture out of all of them. So pretty!

{ pooky hitchin' a ride }

{ pooky - somewhere in new york }
 I'm not sure but I think this is Liberty or Ellis Island...because I  know the pictures are from their excursion to the Statue of Liberty.  {click here for post}

{ pooky in new york }

{  pooky at the statue of liberty }
{ pooky at the statue of liberty }
{ pooky ON the statue of liberty }

{ pooky the destroyer }

Thanks Christman family! Love and miss you guys! 
{ family picture - with pooky }

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Etsy Lovelies

As many of you may know by now - from all my different posts about Etsy - that I absolutely adore Etsy. You never know what you're going to find. Its just full of crazy, talented people with a vast array of skills.

And on Friday I found a shop to add to my favorites: Tribal Style.

These Organic Earrings are all handmade for regular pierced ears.

TribalStyle is a place where cultural tribal adornment meets modern day life. I have taken earrings that were originally made for gauged ears, split them and inserted a sterling silver post. Making them available for people who have always admired this tribal style, but could not make the commitment of stretching their ears.

The materials used are all natural and eco-friendly.
The earrings are made from wood, coconut, and salvaged bone and horn. The bone and horn used to hand-carve these tribal earrings are from a domesticated water buffalo used for cultivation and food. To minimize waste, they are respectfully used for this form of art and income.

How COOL is that???

Personally, I love them. And if there's any doubt in your mind about the awesomeness, just wait 'til you see some my favorites!!!

Originally when I saw all of these I was going to purchase the first pair pictured.
I'm kind of allergic to metal and can really only wear earrings with gold hooks / studs (I do wear other earrings, and surgical steel isn't too bad but I can't wear other metals frequently) so I'm excited to try a wood alternative.

But sadly, someone snatched that pair up before I could click 'buy' and so I settled for my second favorite, that, while slightly more expensive, I am just as excited about!

They should be coming in sometime this week. Full review coming soon!

(though the review may be a bit delayed depending on just how close they arrive to when I'm departing for camp)

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