Tuesday, December 13, 2011


10 things that make my life all the sweeter because they exist

  1. lip balm - complete and total lip-saver! particularly Burts Bees replenishing pomegranate.
  2. laughter - rather self explanatory
  3. blog design - something I enjoy doing...usually there is a challenge to present itself. Thinking about doing something winter-y. what does everyone think? vote here
  4. photography - I haven't taken pictures in so long. I mean good pictures, with a real camera, not Instagram on my iPod which tides me over. I currently have no good camera to take pictures with. Sure we have a little family camera but everyone hates using it it's temperamental and takes rubbish pictures. I long for a good digital camera. My mom gave me her old film camera though. I really want to learn how to use it. I have to wait until I have some money though, for film and developing. Expensive stuff.
  5. gel pens - I used to have a lot of those, used them for all kinds of stuff. I've be rediscovering the use of them lately, for use on Christmas cards and the like. Fun stuff.
  6. To Write Love On Her Arms - I've posted about it before, but I love TWLOHA. And I have something really cool to tell you! Remember last week when I posted asking everyone to vote? Well, To Write Love On Her Arms was  in the running to win a million dollar grant, something they could do so much with. I'm extremely happy to say that all the voting paid off (and some praying on my part ;) and TWLOHA won!!
  7. books - I tend to count this one a lot. books and writing. a story is a powerful thing.
  8. my job - thankful. so thankful.
  9. Christmas music! - 'tis the season!
  10. The Greatest Love Story Ever Told - I'm not one for Romeo & Juliet. Depressing. Twilight? Pathetic. But the Bible? Now there is a love story. The story of Gods love for us. Yeah, I know, us.

reading: the crossing places by elly griffiths & the scorpio races by maggie stiefvater ---- listening: barlowgirl Christmas album & enya

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