Friday, February 28, 2014

those moments

those moments
when everything just feels right
hands warmed
everything holding still
music swelling

and in these moments
there is peace
there is hope
there is authenticity
there is contentment

This afternoon I've had such a moment, birthing this poem from it while listening to Agnes Obel.
It's just one of those moments.

I've recently shared my feelings that the title of Concrete & Grace is one that, while nonetheless good and meaningful, is one I feel does not entirely fit any longer.

Earlier this week I took the first step in making the change from C&G to something new.

I do not have a title for this, my blog, any longer. If there were one to be ascribed to it it would be 'nameless'.

Thus for the time being, until such a day as a new title may come about, it shall be adorned by words only of the address or, upcoming my hope is a sort of logo or insignia of my own design. Use of the address can be seen in my new header.

I am at an in-between.
Changing, but not changing.
Thus my blog is changing in more than just design.
I feel it just suits better.

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Our internet has been down, it's been up, the speeds have bounced around like nobody's business.
This has obviously had many, many a consequence, especially where my school work is concerned.
But, also my blogging and ability to work on my wifi-external-hard-drive-located photography.

So, here's some of my recent instagram captures for all of you, since this can't quite be the post I would like it to.

Hope you're all having a wonderful weekend!


WATCHING: pride and prejudice LISTENING: paramore's self titled album

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