Saturday, December 01, 2012

have a listen // fire fire

almost thought we made it home
but we don't know this place at all
that's enough now dry your tears
it's been a long eleven years

fire from the tongues of liars

you're ashamed of where you're from
crying 'cause your father's drunk
"we can't die because we're young"
at least that's what we heard in a song

fire from the tongues of liars
fire from the tongues of liars

you're ashamed of what you've done
crying 'cause your father's wrong
trying to be something new
you feel that you had something to prove

what you confuse for glory's fire
is fire from the tongues of liars
what you confuse for glory's fire
is fire from the tongues of liars
oh send your rain

fire from the tongues of liars
(oh send your rain)
fire from the tongues of liars
(oh send your rain)

fire from the tongues of liars
(oh send your rain)
fire from the tongues of liars

you're afraid of who you are
(you're ashamed of where you're from)
crying 'cause your father's gone
(fire from the tongues of liars)
dreaming 'til you hit the truth
(we can't die because we're young)
you'll find that you've nothing to lose
(fire from the tongues of liars)
you'll find that you've nothing to prove

music and lyrics copyright Flyleaf

Thursday, November 29, 2012

all the new bits


Yes, again. But since the last big update was at the beginning of this year, with a slight header refresh for the summer I thought it was time.
I had really wanted to have a special one for fall, but alas, it wasn't meant to be.

p.s. You may notice that I have links to both my Flickr and YouTube accounts above the header. My flickr currently only features a handful of instagram pictures and I don't have but one public video on my YouTube. However I'm hoping both will have more to offer in the coming months.

boots are fantastical

frye women's engineer 8r boots pictured with an assortment of random socks

I like boots. I'm a boots type of girl. Don't get me wrong, I absolutely adore my TOMS, especially in the summer. And my Converse are all around great. However, I'm not one to pass up a good pair of boots.
But I am pretty crazy picky.
Some girls have a checklist for what they require in a guy. Me? I have a checklist for boots. It includes things like no zippers and real leather. That they need to actually be able to fit me i.e. wide enough for my feet, preferably with a large enough shaft circumference/short enough to allow for thick socks and/or leg warmers. Decent soles. Realistically and diversely wearable. Also good craftsmanship. That type of thing. Also, made in the USA is always a plus.
Honestly? I didn't think they existed. That is, until I discovered the oldest manufacturer of shoes in the United States. Frye has been around since 1863, family owned until the late 1940's and is still around and making quality footwear today. And they make a boot that I think is the closest thing to boot perfection. As in they boot pretty much fulfills all of my criteria. I mean look at them ------->

<-----THIS makes me happy in inexplicably geeky ways

I have something of an avid love for soundtracks and probably at the top of my favorite soundtracks is the Lord of the Rings.
For the longest time I was wondering why the version of the soundtrack for Fellowship (and Two Towers) that I had was rather (though in the case of Fellowship: completely) different from that which I knew in the films.
The other night I discovered that the reason is because in the extended editions (which is what we have on DVD) they completely re-recorded and expanded the score to completely polish the "deleted" scenes so it was like they were never deleted. (*squee of intense geekery*)
Which lead me to the discover that I have the complete score for Return of the King but I most definitely need the complete recordings for Two Towers and Fellowship of the Ring!

The Hobbit


Also, did you guys know that there's extra bits on YouTube via Peter Jacksons channel?
I found out the other day and ended up watching several of them.
Because I love extras.

new photography

Up on my deviantART is some new photography. So check out my profile and browse the gallery!
There's a picture I just took a couple days ago as well as some from August and September, with more to come!

new glasses

I finally got new glasses with my updated prescription.
As a by-product, I can actually see in the dark again and it doesn't look like the ground is on the same level as my chest. Lack of depth perception is not fun my friends. It's side effects include walking into all manner of objects and people as well as a heightening one's power of klutziness.


I'm rather happy that here in less than two weeks the current college quarter is going to be over, followed by a nice and long winter break.
And then, winter quarter classes start at the beginning of January.

{available for prints here}

For me this means that I'm getting to take a course I have much anticipated, on Photoshop usage in web design!

New Horizons

Flyleaf's final album, New Horizons is utterly fantastic.
From beginning to end it's packed with songs that I have already committed to my lyrical memory library. I am still saddened by the fact that it is going to be the last album featuring Lacey, but the album is nonetheless fantastic.
Long time fans of Flyleaf will love it, but I think as one of them I also see that it's very different from past albums. Maybe it's just because of the bittersweet knowledge that Flyleaf will never be the same, but after the harder more edgy rock of their debut album and Memento Mori, and the softer tones of Remember to Live, New Horizons seems to be an amalgamation of these two points in Flyleaf's growth as well as something completely different.

For me the album still holds as much meaning as any of the previous, but at the same time it seems like there isn't as much of the Flyleaf feeling that I know so well in the writings of the songs. I think that maybe it has something to do with the fact that Lacey wasn't as involved in the making of the album, only traveling to the studio to record vocals.

While the album for those of us who know this music so well is different and maybe even lacking it is nonetheless fantastic in the sound and meaning despite the bittersweet tinge. From the rocking opening and attention call of Fire Fire, to the heart wrenching way I desire to belt out the Saving Grace and the highly anticipated new rendition of Broken Wings this album is truly sending the Lacey era of Flyleaf out with a bang.

Pitch Perfect

My friend Amanda, my mom, and I went to the movies a couple weeks ago to see Pitch Perfect. We laughed a lot. Though Supernatural fans who kind of almost cry whenever they hear Carry On My Wayward Son, be warned, it comes up in the first few minutes of the movie. It caught me off guard...I was awkwardly laugh crying. hahaha (Sarah, I blame you.)

The Big Bang Theory

My grandma convinced us to watch Big Bang Theory, after years of various people telling me I should watch it...and lots of my confusion at being compared to Sheldon (it happens more than you would think...and I'm still not sure whether or not to be flattered or insulted haha).

My whole entire family loves it and we eagerly await every time the next DVD in a season comes...and when it does we usually end up sitting and watching the whole thing so we can send it back the next day to get another faster!
All of us enjoying it though is quite a feat, there's very few shows we can all watch and laugh at together.

So, as the holidays are nearing and as this is one of my favorite scenes thus far in the series, here's a's not the best definition but it's pretty great.

and that is where I shall take my leave

I do believe I have thrown enough media, words and rambling at you all for now.
Until my next post, hope you're all doing well! blessings and prayers

reading: anna karenina by leo tolstoy --- watching: lord of the rings trilogy extended editions

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