Saturday, April 05, 2014

as of late / have a laugh

Currently, I am in my final days of spring break.
It's hasn't been terribly relaxing, but just as lazy as I have the unfortunate capability of being.
Spring quarter starts on Monday, driving for Biology starts on Tuesday. Then continues every Tuesday and Thursday. I'm kind of looking forward to it, but also not. It's a conflicting set of feelings on the matter.
I already have my Bio textbook. At a whopping $4. Thank you Amazon. Quite a steal from the $80 or so the college wanted.
My math textbook has just as I checked this morning, become available. I am making my academic return to math, which is stressful but also relieves other stresses. Yet more confliction and long stories...

Spring is here in our little town. Yesterday marked a sudden surge of wind, rain, and hail. But no actual snow.
It's been my feeling spring has been arrived for a while, though many people take a bit more convincing.
I've already broken out my wedges and flip flops. Though shorts and skirts without leggings are still a ways off.

Since it is my last weekend of break, I have to clean my car and learn how to change a tire, and probably get my room/life some semblance of organized, I leave you all with this vague update.

And a lovely new Simon's Cat. Because it's adorable, and accurate, and oh so funny.

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