Saturday, July 28, 2012

Jesus Party of Awesome // video

Since I am terribly terrible when it comes to recapping the fantasticness that is camp, I shall leave you with the official camp video. Jesus party of awesome.

to see last year's video, click here

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

computer woes

After getting my wisdom teeth out I was planning and setting up a job that will have me working a weekend in July, a weekend in September, and every weekend in October.

All through August I have another job that I'm working, in a lab.

And so I started seriously talking about replacing my computer.
Sure, it's something that I've talked about in passing, just in consideration; never serious.

But I looked at how much I'd be making and started seriously talking, and seriously looking.

As irony would have it I was talking and browsing and my computer told me "hey, you need to update some stuff."

I figured, yeah, yeah that's important. Let's do that.
A service will be held tomorrow for the passing of my computer which I believe to be no more. Judging by its failure to install updates followed by the blue screen of death and upon it's every attempt to reboot, three more blue screens of death; I would say my laptop has officially reached the end of it's life. This is bad. Very, very, insurmountably bad.

-July 10th via facebook

Little did I know what repercussions a standard update would have.

For those of you who won't know, I've had my computer since the fall of 2008. So it's been almost four years.
Seven months after I bought my computer - right after the battery warranty expired - my battery became obsolete. Except for possibly keeping the connections free from obstructions my battery has been dead weight for the last three years.
That was only the beginnings of my problems.

Don't get me wrong, I love my computer. I bought it, I use it for work and school and I thank God for the provision of it.

It's served me well.

But on with my story.

I updated, normal, useful updates that are usually helpful.
But about halfway through the process of downloading, running and installing updates my computer suddenly lost internet.

Thinking this strange I worried that the router for our wifi had been turned off.
Um, no.
That was working fine.

Something went wrong, the internet was seemingly gone...and then came the blue screen of death.

The bearer of bad news when it shows up on a computer.

And it kept going. Blue screen of death, restart, blue screen of death.

Here's basically what happened via my Facebook updates...
This is what happens when I start seriously discussing getting a new computer. Mine decides to die and fail completely...when I'm still two years of funds out from even getting a new one. -July 11th mom and her magical computer knowledge (thank you mom!) managed to get my computer to actually turn on last night and run a scan. everything came up fine. then we turned off the computer and went to bed. turned it on this morning and everything looked fine but as soon as I turned on my wifi *BAM* blue screen of death. So I've hard wired into the wifi router and was able to finish the updates that were interrupted last night because my computer suddenly crashed. Unfortunately, completing the updates didn't solve my problem. -July 11th

I had been planning on buying a lens I need for my camera but with all the computer problems, and crashing, and failing I've been looks like I don't have much choice than to work really hard and spend a lot of money on a new computer. I still won't have it in time for school but...can't really be avoided I'm afraid. -July 14th

And that's the end of my story. The story of the end of the life of my computer.
It's still running or...somewhat...
I'm still never really sure if and when my computer is just going to die. I've been expecting something like this for about a year and a half's coming slower than I thought but it's happening...

I won't have the money for a new computer by the time I need it, the computer that is, but hopefully I'll pick up even more along the way.

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