Saturday, February 05, 2011

terrible, procrastination

Ugh I feel terrible.
I mean, my laziness is terrible...realizing that I haven't posted anything on my photography blog since sometime in December, and even longer ago when it comes to my review blog Randomly Reading.


It is really terrible of me...posting nothing...

There are photos I could post, but I don't seem to have the will to go to the trouble of watermarking all of them...

I have reviews, but I never seem to remember at the beginning of the week, and I always tell myself that "I'll do it at the beginning of next week" and it goes on and on and on...without any posting.

And don't even get me started on the gazillion and one other things I really need to do...

One word really comes to mind.

One word to define...


Terribly nasty word, procrastination.

It by definition is "to defer action; delay: to procrastinate until an opportunity is lost." "to put off till another day or time; defer; delay."

I have this list of things I know and even want to do but...when the time comes to do them I just...well, don't.

Makes me rather frustrated...angry...mad at myself.

And here I sit, writing about it instead of going off and doing something I really probably should be doing and getting something productive done.

*screams into pillow*

Just not sure what to do about this procrastination monster...then again, if I did have a solution, I'd probably just procrastinate.


your hopelessly procrastinative {thats totally not a word}, lazy, tired blogger~

Friday, February 04, 2011

concrete design

Well...I've done it yet again.

Changed my blog design I mean.

Of course, I kept the black and blue color scheme I do adore but went with something a little overall darker than my last (simple) look.
This one, is totally concrete inspired.

Though I didn't do it on purpose...I just ended up using "concrete" GIMP brushes and afterwards realized that with the name of my blog, it totally worked.

Coincidence? Ironically, yes!

your creatively fickle blogger~

Wednesday, February 02, 2011

life. is. sweet.

Life Is Sweet

10 things that make my life all the sweeter because they exist.

  1. Speck

    --my families chihuahua. SO cute, SO loveable, SO adorable, SO sweet ^_^
  2. ice cream sandwiches

    --one of the few, true, yummy joys in life
  3. music

    --music for every emotion and happening
  4. books

    --those stories that whisk you away to somewhere else, on an adventure through the real, and the impossible.
  5. a smile

    --whether its one from someone else, or someone giving you reason to unexpectedly, a smile can change everything
  6. post-it-notes

    --rather self explained ;-)
  7. Pooky!

    --yes, Garfield's stuffed friend...I have a little, palm-sized, key chain version from Silverwood Theme Park...SO adorable!!!
  8. pens

    --I am a writer...and I have a love of pens and paper. Pens are so important, a good pen can define how long I will write...there's nothing quite like a pen flowing on paper.
  9. friends

    --really, this is one of the true, true things that make life sweet.
  10. steampunk

    --so many possibilities. it extends as far as your imagination can go. love it.

Monday, January 31, 2011

Oh Theater!

Hey Bloggers!

Yes, I know, I have been rather absent this past week...but for good reason!

Last Monday I posted about Missoula Childrens Theater and I spent last week going rehearsals and memorizing lines for this years Pinocchio.

I think after last week, I can finally spell Pinocchio right! Ha!

Monday was auditions, this year, I had the smallest part I think I've had in about five years, that part being the Fox. (Those of you who are familiar with the Disney tale of Pinocchio might know that the Fox and the Cat are the bad guys.)
But, I was totally okay with it.
I didn't have a lot of rehearsals (last year when I was the lead in Jack and the Beanstalk I had my first rehearsal Monday night, and then was there from 3-8 the rest of the week). In fact, I was rather bummed before auditions that I would probably miss YoungLife club night on Monday, but I managed to make it since it turned out I didn't have rehearsal!

My first rehearsal wasn't until Tuesday afternoon from 3-5ish and then I didn't need to stay for the second rehearsal (5ish-7ish) but I did anyway (just too fun to miss).

My second rehearsal wasn't until Wednesday evening (5ish-7ish) but I arrived early (to go to the library) but it was nice to not be in a rush after finishing up school and chores.

How did the performance go, you may wonder?

Well, we had to performances one on Friday night and another Saturday afternoon.

Our first performance on Friday evening, was spectacular.
There were a lot of the younger kids who were really, really worried that the performances were going to flop because the dress rehearsal before the Friday performance was so terrible.
But, as those of us familiar with stage (superstition) if the dress rehearsal is great, the performance will be terrible. However, if the dress rehearsal is terrible, everyone gets all the mistakes out of the way and the performances will be fantastic!
(Just a bit of theater trivia for ya there.)

My evil counterpart (the Cat) and I didn't miss any lines and in fact, we actually had to add lines at one point to cover for a missed line that we needed to lead into the rest of the scene...and it worked perfectly!
It was hilarious because the audience was non-the-wiser and was laughing at the lines like they were supposed to be there!

Second performance was just as fantastic.

After the second performance, everyone turns in their costumes, props and scripts and the set and everything is packed up.

Usually, there are a lot of parents of kids in the play that help tear down the set, but this year, the kids all scrambled to turn in their costumes and everyone just split!
It happened jaw-droppingly quick.
Surprised me even.
But, myself and a few of the other older kids that were in the play or were an assistant director helped pack everything up, and load the tiny MCT truck.

All in all, it was another wonderful, fantastic MCT week!

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