Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Hey Everybody!--Capturing Creation Photo Challenge: Day 1

Hiya peoplez and random readers!

Got some cool stuff to tell you 'bout today!

There's the awesome Capturing Creation photo challenge happening RIGHT NOW over at Yours Truly!

So...this is my first time entering a photo contest...I have lots of pictures, but it seems like I never have time to get them watermarked with the logo I made! (Well...that and the fact that GIMP tends to not like me...grrrrrr) So, since GIMP hates me I've just done the quick-fix with Paint.

So, here's my entries for today's first theme "Let there be Light"!

PS Soon to come (yes...I have thus far failed to get those tech reviews I promised...soon!) within the next couple days, a blog post about what I did last night! Had an epically awesome time at the Nothing and Everything Tour that stopped near me, awesome bands RED & Disciple!!! 

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