Saturday, November 26, 2011


speculation cover by a fan

I remember when everyone first started speculating about the final book in the Inheritance Cycle by Christopher Paolini.

It had taken so long after Eragon for both Eldest and Brisingr to be released. Originally it was only going to be a trilogy, but the third and final book would have been about a foot thick.

I found this cover though google images and for a while wondered if it might be the real thing. It looked rather like the art of the cover designer for the previous books. However, in each of his cover designs for previous books he signed his name. This cover, no tag. So it couldn't be real.

It still got me excited!

Well, that was about a year or two ago and at the beginning of the month, the actual, final installment of the Inheritance Cycle released.

actual cover
It kind of sneaked up on me...I'm  not very good with time to say the least.

A few weeks before I had been surprised to find it on the library's website for e-book checkout. Obviously it wasn't available yet, but I was able to put a hold on it...first in line!

Then another surprise: the book released at midnight so I figured I would be able to check out the e-book for my Kindle at midnight. But the release was midnight on the east coast. Yep, that meant I got to start reading at 9:00 on November 7th.

I was so excited, it was just crazy.
I think though, that little brother was even more excited than me! Since he usually gets the audiobook, and the only print copy we had was on my Kindle he was trying so hard to get me to read to him! I actually did end up reading to him, til my voice was gone in fact. The next few days were spent with me or my dad reading to him, until - surprise number 3 - the audio book was available for digital download from the library.

The final book was so well written, so well wrapped up. It was completely bittersweet to see the series end. Christopher Paolini has weaved such a story, created such a world it's...beautiful.

And the quotableness is an abundance.

So, to send off a great series, a wonderful legend, here are some of my favorite quotable quotes from Inheritance by Christopher Paolini.

You cannot predict every eventuality, and you cannot guarantee success every time you face an enemy, but by seeing all and discounting nothing, you may adapt without hesitation to any change.
The warrior who can adapt the easiest to the unexpected is the warrior who will live the longest.

Beware of the shadows, Eragon. Strange things lurk in dark places,

It's impossible to go through life unscathed. Nor should you want to. By the hurts we accumulate, we measure our follies and our accomplishments.

Why does everything have to be so hard? he wondered.
Because said Saphira, everyone wants to eat, but no one wants to be eaten.

If it's a girl, name her something fierce.

for more of The Inheritance Cycle head over to

reading: the replacement by brenna yovanoff -- listening: buachaill on eirne by damian mcginty & celtic thunder

Friday, November 25, 2011

post thanksgiving ::: finals week

I hope everyone had a wonderful thanksgiving!

I had a lot of fun spending the time with friends and family...not to mention some good food!

No Black Friday shopping for me though! I live in a small town far, far away from stores who have sales though I don't think I would go if I could!

hmmnn...though I have to say it would depend on the store and how crowded it would be!

Well, this next week or so here is finals week for me *gulp*. College finals for this quarter. Really nervous. But at the same time pretty confident.

When midterms rolled around they completely caught me by surprise and I was freaking out. Though, for half of the midterms week I wasn't able to do any work because my computer was down. Yeah, that was bad. Fortunately, I did surprisingly well!

I figure I've made it this far, I can make it through finals!

I have my final portfolio for English to submit by Sunday night, not too worried about that as both my essays are really good! I'll probably be posting the final draft of my human trafficking essay sometime. It's not going to be the same as the draft I posted the other day as I have made some changes so that it better conforms to the directions as given by my teacher.

Have a HUGE history final. As in, annotated bibliography AND a 5 - 8 page paper. I think it was 5-8...though it's pretty cool my teacher gave us the option to do it in any format we want. Well, except poster board because she hates those haha. But I could do a video or a power point or something instead. Mostly it's the annotated bibliography I'm worried about because it's almost an assignment in itself.

Well, I'm off to bed...I was up for about 22 hours yesterday (long story) and only managed 5 hours of sleep this morning so I'm coming off the adrenaline or whatever it is when you're tired.

read: inheritance by christopher paolini -- listening: at Your feet by Casting Crowns -- loving: pinterest

Thursday, November 24, 2011


Thanksgiving. Here it is again. That time of year.

Most of you are probably spending this time with a number of friends and family, and a meal that has been slaved over for the past few days.

Normally, we don't do anything like that in my family. My extended family all lives hours, if not states, away so we keep things pretty low key.

It's kind of the belief that we should spend time together, instead of separate doing hours of cooking for a 10 minute meal.

 Usually at Thanksgiving if we have a turkey we've made it several days beforehand, and have sandwiches. If we don't have turkey, we usually have pizza, which is fine with me! (super crazy pizza lover here)

This year however, we are going to drive a couple hours to the abode of a family friend who invited us for the holiday. I'm excited! I think of them as family and am looking forward to visiting.

So what am I thankful for? Well...honestly, everything.

I know it's kind of a cliche and easy to say answer but it's true.

The good and the bad all work together for the glory of Him who holds it all, do they not?

Even when bad things happen, and we cannot see the reason in them beyond the sorrow of the moment, the good and the bad are how we grow, how we live.

And I am thankful for life.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

. . . stars . . .

Back in February I posted 'when I look at the stars...' sharing one of my favorite pastimes, gazing at the stars along with a piece of my writing.

The title of the post comes from one of my all-time favorite songs, Stars by Switchfoot.

Enjoy :-)

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

URGENT :: prayer request

I have a quick prayer request for all of you reading this.

I live with my family in a building that's over 100 years old.

Just this afternoon we discovered several large leaks in our roof. Today has been a warmer day and it rained on top of the almost foot of snow which started to melt.
Sadly, we didn't find the largest of the leaks early on and there was quite a lot of water on almost everything in the room.

Thankfully, it looks right now like nothing was permanently damaged and we have buckets under drips.

Prayer for our roof  would be much appreciated!

life. is. sweet.

Quite a while ago now, there was a tag / giveaway contest going on from a beautiful blog called Shilah.

The blog is no longer around, but my prayers go out to the authoress.

She started a little something called...

Life Is Sweet

The idea of Life is Sweet is to post every week with 10 things that make (your) life all the sweeter because they exist.

Personally, I think it was a really good idea. A great prompt to post each week.

So I am going to continue it, hopefully she won't mind.

I don't have anything to giveaway or a contest to enter, just the sharing of an idea, of a love, of reminders of a sweet life.

So please join this movement to remind not only ourselves, but our friends, our family, and our readers there are things that make life worth living.
If you desire to join in this coalition start posting and make sure to include the button.

This image was not made by me and all credit goes to Ara of Shilah. In no way do I intend to pass it off as my own. 


click here to join the event on facebook

10 things that make my life all the sweeter because they exist:

  1. words

    words are powerful. the pen is mightier than the sword. words are like fire. words can make kingdoms fall and rise. words are like fire.
  2. Kindle

    reading on the go! of course it's not the same as a real, touch, feel, smell book. BUT I have the ability to take the dozen and a half books on vacation with me without filling up half my suitcase. (I seriously have done that)
  3. learning

    learn something new every day. never stop learning.
  4. family

    I yell at them. I'm grumpy. I'm pretty terrible. But they still love me. I completely take them for granted.
  5. nothing

    as in, having nothing to do. it's something I used to take for granted before I had a steady job and college classes. now, it's something to savor.
  6. friends

    I just received a package from my best friend in the mail. I am so thankful for her. she helps keep me sane. love that girl!
  7. instagram

    makes those icky iPod pictures look so much better than they are.
  8. pinterest

    totally amazing. totally addicted.
  9. freedom

    freedom isn't free. it's fought for. it's died for. and it's completely taken for granted.
  10. God's Word

    the bible. inspiration. encouragement. completely take it for granted. there's not many other countries in which I could read this book of books, let alone own one.

perspective :: blogging

I haven't been blogging very much. In fact, I haven't really blogged in a long time I just seems like I've been so busy. However, at the same time, there have been opportunities do write, however I decided to turn them down and spend my time elsewhere.

So it made me think, what is the purpose of my blog?

Honestly, I can't think of why I really started blogging.

Perhaps it had something to do with just discovering something new, wanting to try it out.
I had bought my own computer and wanted to have something more than school to use it for.

Mostly, I think it was just because I could.

Sure, it's a good way to put my writing out there...but at the same time I haven't done that much. I seem to worry very much that someone might plagiarize, take my work and claim it as their own.

Yeah, it's a good way to keep in touch with friends and family...but I have more people I don't know reading my blog than there is friends and family reading.

Anymore, I'm not sure why I have a blog. Other than it being something else to add to the list of things I'm avoiding doing.

No more. I've spent a lot of time building this blog, designing numerous templates and looks; many of which have never been used. No more not writing because my perspective has been twisted and I'm seeing as a chore. As something I have to do, but for the wrong reasons.

It's time to switch my perspective back.
It is something I have to do...but not because it's a chore, not because I need to keep readers, not for my "fame".
It's something I have to do: for the sake of my sanity, for the sake of my soul.

I write
NOT for the sake of glory
NOT for the sake of fame
NOT for the sake of success
but for the sake of my soul
-Rachel Joy Scott

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