About Me

 The Ginger Whisperer. Best Friend. Daughter. Sis. Sister. Cousin. Crazy Hat Girl. Aunt. Friend. Drama Queen. Freak.

Only a few of the words that have been used in reference to me. Not all accurate, but all one's I will claim.

writer / dreamer / poet / artist / designer / creator / believer / photographer / survivor / techie / geek / whosoever

I write

NOT for the sake of glory

NOT for the sake of fame

NOT for the sake of success

but for the sake of my soul

-Rachel Joy Scott

This is all me, my style, my way, my unique.
I write, I ramble, I scream, I cry.
I'm random, I'm sporadic sometimes I post so little it seems like I've died.

Creative by nature.
Music in my blood.

I think with a British accent.
Live in a town the size of a neighborhood.

My camera is my almost constant companion. Capturing life as I see it, my Nikon in my hand.
I read, I draw, I design, I also do nothing, all in my spare time.

I'm at an in-between in life college, but indecisive.

My hands bear forever bear the scars of words. Ink still remains on my skin.

Art is what I breathe, loving every form I see. Be it music, writing or cinematography.

This is it. The crazy, random, rambling tales.

Concrete & Grace

A day in the life of me.

I chose the title Concrete & Grace from Superchic[k]'s song 'Anthem' from their album 'Beauty From Pain 1.1'.

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