Wednesday, May 28, 2014

stress and the prevailing lovely things

You know me, terrible at keeping an updated blog.
Stress, it gets to me, that is the brunt of it really.
The stress of school work and it gets down to the point where I don't do nearly anything, because I'm so frightened of doing it, but cannot bear the guilt of doing anything else. It's a fearful kind of procrastination.

But these things aside, I wanted to at least take the bit of time to share some of my instagraming of late.

School is almost done, and much work is upon me for the summer. It is, however, of a much less stressful nature to me. Yes, I got a job, and with any luck soon to be yet another job for the summer season.

Until I have the forethought and inspiration for a more substantial post, here is an update of the highlights of my instagram feed, since last time. It's kind of a treat, to see the seasons change through these pictures over the last few months.


RE-WATCHING: how i met your mother AND doctor who LISTENING: agnes obel

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