Saturday, March 03, 2012

working weekends

For some people, weekends are a good time for that craft project and some nice relaxation.

For me anymore, weekends are when I'm either sick or working...though there are a few in which I find myself abnormally craft-productive or on a couch potato binge.

Like the weekend I super cleaned my room...that was two days cleaning that came out of nowhere.

This weekend, well, I got to sleep in this morning! But this afternoon and evening I am going to be working.

Fine Arts is coming up!!! Which means I'm working for gas money.

I have some money left over from last year that a family friend generously gave me to put toward Fine Arts. But I've also been doing some house cleaning on a job site of my dads.

Now, this weekend I have painting a room at the church (last year I painted the basement) and have already lined up more work painting much of a house.

Which is pretty much all an answer to prayer! Praising Jesus for the work.

Hope you all have a relaxing and productive weekend!

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