Tuesday, February 28, 2012

here we go again...

So, I've updated the look...and I'm liking it. 

Here's just a few tidbits of lately, hopefully I'll keep it short.


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Fine Arts

is coming up! April as a matter of fact. Mailing in my registration next week! Meanwhile, thanking Jesus for a place to stay and work to do to earn money for gas. The whole family is coming this year as we're staying with some old friends of my dads. Family road trip! Also, instead of having to drive an hour from where we're staying to the church where FA is, it's at a different church and it's 20 minutes from where we're staying. PRAISE JESUS. He's bringin' it all together.


is as school-ey as ever. I will be very glad when my English Lit class is over. Very, very, very glad.


in HD + full screen = 15 minutes of epicness.

I cleaned my room

. As in seriously cleaned it...and I've somehow managed to pretty much keep it that way. Miraculous, I know.

I've had my learners permit for six months now and as soon as I have more driving hours done,

I can get my license

. This makes me happy.


There are a few I'm pretty excited for. Brave and The Hunger Games just to  name a couple. I get goosebumps every time I watch The Hunger Games preview when Katniss volunteers in place of Prim. I actually get teary. And that's unusual for me. I highly suggest HD.


is still a serious obsession for me. There needs to be an AA for pinners.

May It Be

by Enya is awesome. LOTR soundtrack epicness. 


Yeah, I keep getting sick. Really don't like that. Apparently my immunity needs built back up...I was actually told I need to get out more the other day. By someone who can't remember the names of their neighbors. And this town barely has 200 people in it.


is a YouTube vid I discovered. It makes me smile. And, for any Bones fans; yes, that is TJ Thyne who plays Hodgens. 

Thanks to being sick...I've gotten hooked on a couple new

tv shows

Mainly Supernatural, which I wouldn't suggest for you more hardcore no witches-evil-sorcery-fiction type Christians...but for those who like a good story and take it as it is, I enjoy it. And when it comes to laughing I definitely suggest Last Man Standing. It's on Hulu. Tim Allen. Hilarious. What more can I say?



made me laugh very, very much.

I think that's just about everything...I do believe I was successful in keeping each tidbit relatively short and sweet. 

Hopefully I'll post again soon...we'll see! Don't want to completely disappear again. Blogging is somewhat therapeutic. 

blessings to all of you, and to anyone who wants to contact me just leave a comment (I see each one) or email me at: the.siriana@gmail.com

Oh and for more on any of these subjects, just check my lables at the end of the post!

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