Friday, November 25, 2011

post thanksgiving ::: finals week

I hope everyone had a wonderful thanksgiving!

I had a lot of fun spending the time with friends and family...not to mention some good food!

No Black Friday shopping for me though! I live in a small town far, far away from stores who have sales though I don't think I would go if I could!

hmmnn...though I have to say it would depend on the store and how crowded it would be!

Well, this next week or so here is finals week for me *gulp*. College finals for this quarter. Really nervous. But at the same time pretty confident.

When midterms rolled around they completely caught me by surprise and I was freaking out. Though, for half of the midterms week I wasn't able to do any work because my computer was down. Yeah, that was bad. Fortunately, I did surprisingly well!

I figure I've made it this far, I can make it through finals!

I have my final portfolio for English to submit by Sunday night, not too worried about that as both my essays are really good! I'll probably be posting the final draft of my human trafficking essay sometime. It's not going to be the same as the draft I posted the other day as I have made some changes so that it better conforms to the directions as given by my teacher.

Have a HUGE history final. As in, annotated bibliography AND a 5 - 8 page paper. I think it was 5-8...though it's pretty cool my teacher gave us the option to do it in any format we want. Well, except poster board because she hates those haha. But I could do a video or a power point or something instead. Mostly it's the annotated bibliography I'm worried about because it's almost an assignment in itself.

Well, I'm off to bed...I was up for about 22 hours yesterday (long story) and only managed 5 hours of sleep this morning so I'm coming off the adrenaline or whatever it is when you're tired.

read: inheritance by christopher paolini -- listening: at Your feet by Casting Crowns -- loving: pinterest

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