Thursday, November 24, 2011


Thanksgiving. Here it is again. That time of year.

Most of you are probably spending this time with a number of friends and family, and a meal that has been slaved over for the past few days.

Normally, we don't do anything like that in my family. My extended family all lives hours, if not states, away so we keep things pretty low key.

It's kind of the belief that we should spend time together, instead of separate doing hours of cooking for a 10 minute meal.

 Usually at Thanksgiving if we have a turkey we've made it several days beforehand, and have sandwiches. If we don't have turkey, we usually have pizza, which is fine with me! (super crazy pizza lover here)

This year however, we are going to drive a couple hours to the abode of a family friend who invited us for the holiday. I'm excited! I think of them as family and am looking forward to visiting.

So what am I thankful for? Well...honestly, everything.

I know it's kind of a cliche and easy to say answer but it's true.

The good and the bad all work together for the glory of Him who holds it all, do they not?

Even when bad things happen, and we cannot see the reason in them beyond the sorrow of the moment, the good and the bad are how we grow, how we live.

And I am thankful for life.

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