Tuesday, November 29, 2011


10 things that make life all the sweeter because they exist

  1. Christmas Time it's something that I look forward to. Sure there are still sad times just like any other time of the year, but all around, I love Christmas time. The smell and feel of winter all around me. The sound of Christmas music. (I have some seriously awesome Christmas music...in fact I posted about it last year!)

  2. bucket list I started my bucket list the other day. Crazy things I want to do before I die (no I don't have a terminal illness - as far as I know - I just wanted to make one). There's some pretty wacky things on that list, but I have absolutely enjoyed creating it. I'm considering posting it in fact.

  3. music just in general. I love the stuff. Every morning I wake up with music playing in my head. Usually when I read something it will make me think of a song which is perfect for it (maybe I should be a book-soundtrack creator. do they have those?). And of course, when someone says something, always makes me think of a song with those words in it.
    (When my friend Savanah's little sister Mercy was born this spring, she called me from the hospital to say it was a girl and that they were thinking of naming her Mercy. Automatically had Justice & Mercy by Flyleaf playing in my head. Yep.)

  4. getting things in the mail whether it's ordering things online (which is how I shop) or receiving something from a friend (even better!) I love getting things in the mail. Says something about me doesn't it. And yes, I do also like to watch the washing machine through the little window/door. haha

  5. electricity seriously. kind of a self-explanatory one there. when the power goes out...well...it's craziness.

  6. wifi an off-shoot of electricity, I know, but still. So reliant on it. For school, contact with the outside world. All that good stuff. when the wifi goes out...well...it's more than just craziness.

  7. encouragement a few words. a facebook post. a bible verse. a tweet. a smile. something going right. a butterfly. encouragement can come from so many different places, but is all the more uplifting, all the more inspiring when it just pops up out of seemingly nowhere.

  8.  imagination (needs no explanation)

  9. MEAD composition books love them. to death. always carrying one around in my bag. they're low cost, affordable so I never have to worry about filling it up with weird things, not writing on a page, doodling all over them. definitely my chosen writing keeper. other than my computer.

  10. Flyleaf favorite band. favorite tunes. great testimonies behind the band, in the band members. just amazing. totally inspires me, keeps me going. LOVE. In fact, meeting Lacey Mosley - Sturm (lead singer of Flyleaf) is on my bucket list. So is seeing them in concert with my best friend Lauren. this is Flyleaf

reading: the power of six by pittacus lore -- listening: christmas song by flyleaf -- loving: youversion ipod bible app

P.S. the about and favorites pages have been changed and updated!

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