Wednesday, November 30, 2011

weekly playlist

Here are some of my music addictions for this week...songs I've kept on repeat.

a new song from one of my favorite bands - Switchfoot

Kelly Clarkson...honestly, not an artist I've ever listened to a lot. in fact, the only song of hers besides this one I can name is 'Breakaway' from The Princess Diaries II

I'm something of a Gleek. I don't necessarily agree with everything on the show but I inexplicably enjoy it. This, is definitely my favorite Glee mash-up if not my favorite Glee performance.

Demi Lovato may not have the best voice in the world. And yeah, she was a Disney girl. Yes, she was in rehab for a while; but not for drugs. I happen to love this song, and the story behind it.

such a great beat. love switchfoot!

this song...oh this song! I love it so much! it's beautiful. after I heard it the first time, it was the only song I listened to for almost three days.

reading: the power of six by pittacus lore - the replacement by brenna yovanoff - there you'll find me by jenny b. jones

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