Friday, December 03, 2010

Christmas Music

         Normally I'm not one for Christmas music, I tire of hearing the same thing year after year, after year.
         However, last year I invested in the awesome music...Relient K's Let it Snow Baby, Let it Reindeer Christmas album. (available during the holiday season as an MP3 download for only $5 from Amazon, I highly recommend it).

         Because I was so highly anticipating listening to my awesome Christmas music this year, I actually started listening to it a few days before Thanksgiving! 

         Now, I do like the more rock versions of the traditional Christmas songs, but I really must give props to BarlowGirl for their awesome vocals on this traditional version of the Carol of the Bells:

          But back to the topic of that awesome rockin' Christmas music.

          As far as originality, and a completely new song, I love Relient K's Santa Clause is Thumbing to Town, which, unfortunately I could not find a video of on'll all just have to trust me on its level of awesomeness.

         Another new Christmas song, is from Flyleaf from one of their original EP's: I LOVE IT:

          Now, I don't know if any of you have by chance seen Mean Girls...but, it really ruined Jingle Bell Rock for me and I haven't really liked the song since...but Thousand Foot Krutch has brought it back for me in their version:

          I love BarlowGirls version of Carol of the Bells, I love to listen to it because its such a beautiful song, but this here, is an awesome instrumental rock version:

Hoping you're all getting into the Christmas spirit as well!

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