Friday, January 07, 2011

Feminine Fashion Week: Day 7

Yes, readers, sorry about swamping your bloggie home-pages with so many of my catch-up posts today! Don't worry though...last one!

Once again, another once-a-dress. haha
This one was about...knee length if I remember correctly.

The difference between this and some of my other, worse-for-wear-looking-second-hand-clothes, this is the very beginning

the front, bottom:

While it may appear this dress was attacked by some wild animal, it was in fact merely attacked by me...with a pocket knife...
the back, bottom:

I rather liked the dress...just never wore it as a dress...and so, for the first time, the idea of ripping and knotting came to me.
left, bottom: didn't used to look so lopsided...I should fix that before summer rolls around and I really wear it!

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Nela said...

Very creative! :)

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