Sunday, January 02, 2011

Feminine Fashion Week: Day 2

Yesterday, I was not only swamped with Spanish but I totally forgot to post about Feminine Fashion Week over at Natasha's blog!

So here, is my day 2 post.

Yes...I do realize that my head is cut off in all of them...that happened due to the fact that I took these myself and thats really the best I can do...yes...once again more proof of my shoddy living-person photography skillz. [yes, skillz ;-) ]

What I'm Wearing:

NOTW Midrise Relaxed Jeans

Shoes: Keen Clogs[given to me]

Blue Layering tank: Target

Purple Self-Esteem Long Sleeve Layering Shirt [given to me]

Ripped Tan Shirt [given to me]

Black and Blue Bracelet: TWLOHA

The tan shirt, was once a polo, but I don't like polo's so I er...altered it so that I liked it and it was more interesting...thus its thrashed appearance...

Not pictured:

My pink flower earrings that I got from GoodWill. Originally, they were on the the end of a pair of REALLY long earrings that consisted of a few silver hoops with the large pink flowers on the ends. Totally vintage, I loved. And for $0.25 who wouldn't? And since they were so long, I made the flowers and the hoops into separate pairs.


Disciple Horseshoes & Hand Grenades Pendant

Green and White Jade Rings Necklace [made by me]


Jade said...

This is super cool and awesomely unique! I love it!! :D

Ellie said...

Very unique, very cute!

the hollister abolisher said...

Very much liking the layering! Especially with the, ahem, altered popo. :)

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