Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Headphones, Speakers and Crocheting

I've made a couple of things of interest in the past couple days.

On Monday I finished covering the cord for my headphones with crochet thread...and yes, actually I did crochet it! If anyone is interested, maybe I can make a tutorial video sometime.

Something I have seen and have really liked is where people have crocheted around their headphone cords.
Now, some of you may wonder, why on earth would someone do that? haha
Well, I personally did it because, while giving your headphones a unique flair, it also gives just enough bit of slight weight to your headphone cord that they don't knot up (I hate that, don't you?) and they wind up rather nicely.
I didn't actually have directions or now how to do it, so I just figured it out as I went, and I really do like the results!

These are Altec Lansing Muzx® Core - MZX206 Headphones Which, while it took me a while to get used to (seeing as I usually prefer SkullCandy's Lowrider headphones which sit on my ears and don't do in) these are excellant headphones that for their small size, give off great sound.

Its one of the reasons why I do love Altec Lansing speakers, I had a speaker dock for my Zune that I got from Altec Lansing and the true proportion of the sound that came out of those speakers was a wow. Little speakers, big sound.

When I ordered the speaker dock I have now (for my iPod Touch), not only was the speaker dock on sale, but I also received the headphones for free. ^_^ A deal? I think yes.

At this point, I would like to note, I have not been payed or endorsed in any way to review nor promote Altec Lansing, SkullCandy, or any of their products. This is merely my opinion on the merchandise.

I ordered the inMotion® Compact - IMT320 and wasn't let down.

Not only had I received free headphones, but the true portability of these speakers is fantastic, perfect for my use considering I take my music everywhere I go.

You see, the little stand the speakers are propped up with, is actually a flap that covers the speakers and the dock for portable awesomeness.

And did I mention the BIG sound little speakers thing?

The only downside to this speaker dock, no remote.
Of course if I had wanted a remote, that would've been much more money...which I didn't quite have and didn't quite wish to spend at that time.

One more quick creation of interest before I go, I also crocheted a rather versatile necklace with some semi-precious stone beads my grandma send me for Christmas.

I really like how it turned out...its long so I can wear it SO many different ways!

And now I shall leave you all to your evenings...

Have you checked out my Etsy Shop? Theres some really cool stuff up, (though not all made by me, some by my family) and hopefully more coming soon!

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Stephanie Yi said...

could you make a video for how you made the crochet headphne wire plesae??

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