Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Feminine Fashion Week: Day 4 {catch up}

Well, well, well...

Winter vacation has come to a close.

Its rather sad really...I liked the "break"...even if it wasn't so much of a break for me!

Because I've been behind on Spanish I still had to do that throughout break, but it was still rather less stress than normally!

Now its back to school...which has been less stressful than previously because I've been working on really scheduling exactly what and how much I'm doing far, so good.

Today is Yesterday wasthe fourth day in Natasha's Feminine Fashion Week!

So here are some more examples of my shoddy living-being picture skillz ;-)

 And can't see my head nor the top of my shirt *facedesk* utter fail. 

What I'm Wearing:

NOTW Midrise Relaxed Jeans

Shoes: Keen Clogs[given to me]

Black and Blue Bracelet: TWLOHA

 I did however get this...a rather good detail shot of the top of my shirt and jewelry. 
I've always liked this shirt, because its a nice material that I enjoy wearing year-round, and it has the perfect hood its comfy, its big and it frames my face fantastically.

Over the years of course, this shirt has worn out, stretched out and been altered. Because it was too big and stretching to even larger sizes that it was awkward to wear, I cut the sides,and knotted them back together. Also, it was longsleeved at one time, but due to holes and the fact that the sleeves weren't quite long enough ripped up and I was wearing it more in summer, they got cut off. Not to mention the lovely button v-neck that just makes the hood work. 


Disciple Horseshoes & Hand Grenades Pendant

Green and White Jade Rings Necklace [made by me]

Orange Wire Wrapped Cross [gift]


my Pirates of the Caribbean inspired earrings!

These are some of my all-time favorite earring creations!
Here are some slightly better previous pics:

And I do know I'm behind...this post is for yesterday, but I have been wearing the things I am going to enter on the days...I just have to get pictures taken before Friday!
My biggest problem is that I start to run out of light and I like the majority of my lighting to be natural.

And that concludes my entry for Feminine Fashion Week Day 4!

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Nela said...

Cute jewlrey! Especially the necklace and earrings! :)

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