Monday, December 20, 2010

Christmas Break!

Its finally here!
Cue the sigh of relief.

Though I'll have to be continuing with Spanish over break so that I can have enough done by the end of the semester...but its still much less stress than usual!

Today I spent four hours at the mall wrapping presents.
For those of you who know me, the mall is not exactly my idea of a good fact I've only actually bothered going into two stores; the Christian t-shirt store that used to be in the mall and Barnes & Nobel. But I've only ever bought one book from Barnes & Nobel.
Mainly because honestly, I can't afford to buy anything in the mall, and none of it really appeals to me. I don't like wearing Ambercrombie & Fitch or American Eagle, in fact I won't even buy their stuff from GoodWill...I just don't like that image, its not me...

My random mall rant aside, thats where I was for the majority of my day today.

Every year my mom goes to a womens retreat and they like to be able to give scholarships to women who wouldn't otherwise be able to attend, and so Barnes & Nobel provides the wrapping paper and the space and we wrap gifts bought anywhere in the store (as long as they've purchased something from the bookstore as well) and then we come in and volunteer to provide the wrapping service, and ask people for donations for the scholarships.
Its was the first time I think I've ever actually enjoyed myself at the mall.

Oh yes, and I don't like riding escalators...which is a long story...but I just don't like them...maybe sometime I'll tell all you peoples about it...

But on to other things for now.

I finished listening to the audio book of The Hunger Games a few days ago.
It. Was. Awesome.
While it might be a little violent for some people, the story itself was excellent.
I loved the Gregor the Overlander series and Suzanne Collins' The Hunger Games didn't disappoint.
Definitely a 3.5 out of 5
I'm looking forward to getting the sequel Catching Fire from the library.

Now, today at Barnes & Nobel, it sure is a good thing I purposely left my money at home because there were definitely some tempting lovelies.

I have a thing for notebooks...and I absolutely LOVE these leather ones I saw today!

This one is by far my favorite, I would adore having this one.
Its a bit of a different size than I usually prefer but it is just so comfortable in my hands, when I'm writing, things have to feel just right and this is just beautiful.

There were some others I loved that they don't have on the web site because they were the last few in stock, on sale at the store, but I really liked this one too. I really like the flap, the tie and the size.

While the first is more of a hardcover style, and the second a thicker harder leather cure, this one is a wonderfully soft, supple notebook, absolutely delectable. (Yes...I love notebooks)

I'm debating whether or not I want to invest in one...because my current composition notebook is just about full...only a few more pages to go and thats not much!

hmmnnn....well much to contemplate there...maybe if I wish really hard for one for Christmas? haha

Hope you're all having a wonderful Christmas break! I know I'm looking forward to watching Christmas movies, camping out under the tree, making caramel corn and Christmas dinner at a friends house.


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Daughter of the King said...

I am not much of a mall person either myself. I do like just walking around the mall though...and then crashing in the nearest bookstore to glance through every book from the classics to Manga, while I take in the scent of coffee and delectable sweets. (You and I would SO get along I think, Siriana!)

Leather journals *drooling*... I've wanted one for FOREVER, but they are SO EXPENSIVE! Actually that second leather journal you have pictured is the exact one I've been wanting for forever!!! =)

Hope you have a fun-filled Holiday!

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