Tuesday, December 21, 2010

What's the Strangest Thing You've Ever Received in the Mail?

To say the least, I honestly never thought my answer to that question would be "a turkey" but it is!

Earlier last week, we received two large packages via our local post office from a food service company.

Now, I guess I should explain, we've never had a traditional Christmas or Thanksgiving meal.
We figure that instead of spending hours and hours on an elaborate meal that is going to be consumed in a mere matter of minutes, that we should instead spend that time together as a family doing things that we enjoy doing together. And so, only a few times have we had turkey on thanksgiving (usually only when we've won one from our local market, or had one given to us) and when we have either ham or turkey on Thanksgiving or Christmas we cook it the day before so that we don't have to spend a bunch of time in the kitchen the next day.
I guess another reason for our lack of the elaborate Christmas and Thanksgiving meal is that my mom and I, we're just not the most culinary inclined people...which is to say, we're really not that good of cooks.

But I like that, its how its always been for us and I'd rather be able to spend time doing things and having fun with my family then figuring out something to do on my own because everybody is rushing around preparing a meal or somesuchedness.

Now, our friends and family know thats how we are, and so, we were joyously surprised last week to have received a fully cooked and packaged smoked turkey and a platter of other yummies as our Christmas gift from some wonderful friends of ours! The thought is just so wonderful, and we are definitely going to enjoy it!

So a definite, exuberant thanks to Suzanne, Bruce, Laurence, and Caitlin!!!
Hope you guys have a wonderful Christmas, thanks for the gift!

Whats the most strange, or unexpected thing you've ever received in the mail?
Comment below or link up a post and let me know!

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