Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas Factoids

Some little Christmas facts about me...

When I was little, I would spend the whole year leading up to Christmas, learning all the squeaks in the floor so that I could get from my room to the living room without being noticed...if you get my drift ;-)

Most Christmases I would be so caught up in my new toys I would completely forget about eating...sometimes skipping both breakfast and lunch.

I'm the best present wrapper in my house...somehow my mom never quite had a knack for it, judging by the fact that packages would spontaneously pop open while under the tree...and I'm talking when they hadn't even been tampered with! Not that my brother and I really minded...

One year, my little brother received a big, blow-up robot that you could kick around and box with and it would pop right back up because it had sand in the bottom.
It was a lot of fun, and the Christmas morning he got it, I was wearing a long, floor length skirt that I didn't particularly have a lot of mobility in as far as how I could stretch out my legs. Of course, being the klutz that I am, I didn't take that into consideration as I spontaneously, full-on kicked the robot...literally pulling my feet out from under me!

I never had a chimney growing up and always worried about how Santa would get mom continually assured me he preferred to use the door anyway.

I give gifts to quite a few people on Christmas...the thing is, they don't always get them on time...I prefer to make people gifts that are inspired for them...that way they mean more ^_^

I am the best person at guessing what gifts are through the wrapping.
And I happen to be correct about 80% of the time...
My powers of deduction are astute to say the least. ;-) haha

The only present that has truly stumped me, was my friend Caitlin's large-and I mean this thing was an arm-full of a box-Christmas present that was so heavy, we carefully lugged it to a scale to discover it was little over 20lbs (it was 3rd grade, back then, 20lbs was heavy haha). We never did figure out what it was before Christmas...

We always have to make sure that all the Nativity pieces are where they should me...we have a cat who likes to steal the donkey.

My family's Christmas tree is barely 4ft tall and as old as I am. It always makes things interesting when you have to improvise new ways to hold it all together every year.

Our cats have a thing for our tree...they seem to enjoy climbing into it and well as a particular fancy they've acquired for some ornaments we no longer put out...for that very reason.

Hoping you're all having a blessed Christmas!

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Emily Shae said...

Lovely Pose! Merry Christmas Siriana!

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