Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Sorry for the lack of posting!

Oh and yes...I have forgotten! Emily of Grace Like Rain tagged me the other day and I went and answered again, but couldn't think of any questions so the tag is still sitting in my draft box...oops! I need to figure out some questions and pass along the tag! Hopefully I'll have that done soon!

Well, I've been busy busy still.
I had my last day of work on Sunday, I loved the job and am extremely grateful for it and am hoping to have it again next year, but I sure am  looking forward to sleeping in next weekend!

What I'm Reading Now

For anyone who wonders or has noticed, SO sorry I haven't had a new book review at Randomly Reading in FOREVER, I think the problem is that its not that I don't have book reviews/books to review, its that I have SO many written ahead that I forget to post new ones every week! I'll probably go and post a new one today I think.

Something I do believe I've forgotten to mention before...but my FAVORITE band is Flyleaf. Lacey Mosley-Strum has an absolutely awesome voice! Well, for my birthday, my awesome friend Nicole made made me a shirt with Flyleaf's logo on it!

 SO awesome right?!
I absolutely LOVE it...and so do a few other people I know that have been trying to steal it ;) haha

Well...time to get back to work...Math next!

hope you're all having an awesome and blessed week!

COMING SOON: Reviews on the Apple iPod Touch 4th Generation & Accessories:

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