Thursday, March 24, 2011

Randomness of Late (YouTube)

Okay, so lots of random things to share this morning...some of them a few of you might have seen elsewhere...but here's some of my recent YouTube finds...

Firstly, trending on Twitter for the last for-ev-er has been Rebecca Black and her song Friday:

Now, here's the things about that "song".
Firstly, its not a song. Its a girl with not-a-particularly good voice, auto-tuned, talking moderately fast to pop music...and I won't even get started on the lyrics.

Why do people like this stuff?! I mean, its not even really music!

Okay, I'll give it that fact that it is art because its a form of expression, but sorry peeps, that only expresses stupidity right there and the fact that that is what's popular seriously makes me worry about human kind...

Then there's this little...thing...I found today...

While they definitely get kudos from me for trying (great effort) it just...well, it hurt my ears in more ways than one...and the dancing...ummm...yeah, it just seems a bit, if I had choreographed it, thats what it would have looked like (and I have no experience in dance)... that it does sound rather rude and harsh...they tried! They really did! And good job for that but...ick...

Then again, even if Glee (I have to confess I'm something of a closet gleek) did it I don't think I'd even like Awake and Alive show-choir it really wasn't just that group.

Methinks I'll be sticking with the original...

Now, the following video is one of my recent favorites on YouTube and I have to say I laugh every time I watch it.

My favorite part: "I didn't know we had a piano..." *proceeds to play awesomely*

Another one of my recent favorites is this short little video...

I love it...not only is is hilarious, but that guy tied up...yeah, thats my cousin ;-) so it makes the video all that much more enjoyable hahaha

I'm a bit slow on the uptake when it comes to music outside the realm of the mostly-Christian artists I listen to, so its only in the last few weeks that I've checked out Adele.


What a voice!

And finally, while its not really the music that I usually listen to (pop's not usually my choice listening) but I happen to love this song by Selena Gomez & The Scene, if even for merely the great message!

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Maximillian said...

I haven't finished watching all of these yet, but here are a few thoughts.
1) About Friday: I hadn't even heard about it until a friend mentioned it, and I think it's one of the stupidest songs I've heard in quite a while, although it is somewhat amusing because it's so ridiculous. And bad as it is, imagine if it didn't make heavy use of auto-tune!

2) I was smiling at that choreographed dance performance of Awake and Alive; it's kind of funny how it looks and sounds. John Cooper's voice is pretty cool-sounding and Jen Ledger's voice fits well too (she has a cute British accent as well as being kind of pretty and having a voice that fits with that style...but I digress, as usual). Anyway, I was getting at the point that it's amusing when the feel of a song is totally changed by trying to do it differently, like that one.

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