Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Hair Woes

I have realized I do not post much...which is kind of the point of having a blog, no?

Though in some ways I really should tell you people, you're rather lucky, when I had my private blog (only peeps I invited could view it) I blogged up a storm...and really, I do mean that...randomly posting things once if not twice a day a lot of the time. All of it written from my wacky and cynical perspective...it was rather nice...I may be doing a bit more posting if I can find the time...

So, last week, aside from being abed with the flu *bleck* I was been doing some serious hair coveting!

My hair has always been my one feature that I really wish was different.
Of course, just what kind of different I want it to be, tends to change a lot.
Fickle? I think yes.

My hair is my constant struggle, its not straight enough to be straight, not wavy enough to be wavy, and not curly enough to be curly. Its really kind of a little bit of everything.
My mom's hair is really curly, my dad (well...when he had hair...) was really straight and my brothers is...well, a mix similar to mine if he lets it get too long.

I guess, to summarize, my hair is everything and nothing...which makes it really hard to get it to do anything!

Some hair accessories won't stay in because I have too much hair, but my hair is also really fine and so that is another obstacle.

But enough of my poor hair pity party...I'm beginning to get on my own nerves, so I can only imagine how you all feel about it!

Because of all my hair woes, I've lately found myself loving the hair of others...lately someone who's hair I am totally coveting is the lovely miss Taylor Swift.

Now, I don't particularly care for her music (not exactly a fan of country...or..er...her style I guess really) but not only is she gorgeous herself, her hair is just fabulous!

I remember reading somewhere that she's always struggled with her hair being curly but has learned to live with it...and I know every hair type has its own little problems, but so often I just with that mine would just do something for once! Too often its just...nothing. Trying to do too many different things at once that its just a whole lot of nothin' goin' on.

Also among those-whose-hair-is-awesome would be...

Coppelia from Air1 Radio
Hayley Williams from Paramore

And this concludes my "oh the things I wish I could do with my hair" post. haha

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