Monday, February 07, 2011

life. is. sweet.

Life Is Sweet

10 things that make my life all the sweeter because they exist.

  1. family

    --'nuf said
  2. Alice in Wonderland

    --right now, its definitely one of my favorite movies ^_^
  3. Butterflies

    --butterflies...magical, delicate, butterflies. Butterflies remind me of Emily and The Ultimate Gift
  4. scarves

    --I have a thing for scarves. I bought one this summer that is perfect for every season because of the awesome fabric. Its just the right size, as large as a beach towel all pulled out, but not bulky and I can fit it in my bag easy. Sweet, no?
  5. dragonflies

    --while I did list butterflies, dragonflies have more mystique about them...
  6. beads

    --I'm creative by nature and I love expressing myself in design and artistry in all forms...beading being one.
  7. art

    --there is no limit of possibilities, only the limits of your imagination.
  8. trees

    --one of my favorite things is to lay outside under a, peaceful,
  9. stars

    --one of my all time favorite things I love to do is look at the stars. It doesn't matter what time of year or when, its just something I love. Its astonishing how big the sky is, how its the same night sky my friends and family far away, look at.
  10. photography

    --sadly its not something I do much this time of year...even more unfortunate is the fact that I recently lost our camera *sob* I love capturing the beauty in life.

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